Why you won’t hire my agency as your PR firm—yet
Why you won’t hire my agency as your PR firm—yet

Relationships will always trump results—and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Here’s what I can confidently say: There will be no agency that will care more and fight more for your brand than No Limit Agency.

That’s our DNA. That’s our promise.
But even if you know that hiring us could be the best decision for helping you achieve whatever equals winning for your company, you may not hire us.
Well, I have learned that relationships always trump results, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Throughout the history of our agency, the clients we have lost have been due to two reasons: Misconceptions that PR is advertising or previous relationships when new leaders take over. This is why we currently focus on four key areas: relationships, service, strategy and results.
By striving to be one inch better in each of these categories, we have created a disruption within the industries we compete in. But disruption is not enough.
Relationships trump so much in life and in business. This is why I strive to not burn bridges (though I may have not always thought that way). This is why I try to hold the door open when a client leaves and hold the door wide open when someone new joins the leadership teams of the brands we have the pleasure of working with.
I was talking with another supplier at a conference recently. His business started around the same time as ours. We both exhibited at the IFA annual convention. I asked him if he thinks he got any business from the conference. He said, “Who knows.” He then said, “I am not sure it matters. We have built up a great referral network that helps us bring on a client a month.”
In every type of business, referrals outperform every other kind of lead effort. Buyers are more likely to make a purchase when their friends tell them to buy something (another sign of relationships trumping everything). So, want to be friends?
You may not be ready to work with us yet—but give it some time and we will strive to build a great relationship with you. And, then, when the timing is right, hopefully we will work together.