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How Wild Birds Unlimited Keeps Franchising Simple

Chief Development Officer Paul Pickett discusses the brand’s strong support network for guiding new franchisees to success.

By Mary Zavell1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 07/19/18

Following the path from prospect to franchisee can be a bit overwhelming. With a vast sea of information and new resources at one’s disposal, it’s essential to have a strong corporate team and support system in place to help one navigate the ins and outs of the journey.

1851 Franchise connected with Paul Pickett, Chief Development Officer of Wild Birds Unlimited, to get the scoop on the brand’s streamlined franchise development process.

“We make the process simpler, but understand that this is a very complex decision,” he said. “We set clear expectations from the beginning and keep everything as straightforward as possible.”

While the franchise journey is a major investment that can never be characterized as simple, the support provided by the Wild Birds Unlimited team certainly helps to make each step easier.

The brand is transparent from the very beginning, displaying the progression of a candidate’s journey on its franchise development website. This eliminates any guesswork for prospects and allows them to get a clear picture of what it will take to make his or her entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

The process begins with an introductory call between the candidate and the Wild Birds Unlimited team. Next, he or she undergoes the ‘validation’ step, where the prospect engages with existing owners and reviews the most recent online Franchise Business Review Franchisee Satisfaction report to learn more about ownership of the brand.

Following this period, the candidate reviews the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) both privately and with the Wild Birds Unlimited team. After this conversation, the team dives even deeper into the wealth of resources and support provided by the WBU Franchise Support Team. This segway into the brand supplying of a sample Business Plan and Financial Projections worksheets.

Once a prospect has submitted their own Business Plan, he or she will be connected with the brand’s operations team. This is the time when the prospect is invited to attend a “Join the Flock” day to meet with the Wild Birds Unlimited team. This face-to-face meeting gives candidates a chance to ask any remaining questions before a mutual agreement is made to move to the next step of being invited to the brand’s Join the Flock Day for formal approval from both sides.

In order to further streamline the process, Wild Birds Unlimited provides an informative and comprehensive virtual brochure. This document is peppered with important information throughout. To make things even simpler for the individual, this resource has been carefully constructed with strong calls-to-action and easy navigation.

Pickett highlighted the fact that the document features an index and download option on each page. This repetition helps candidates access the information that they are seeking quickly. This superior level of organization extends beyond the brochure to include the assistance provided by the franchise development team to prospects.

“We end all of our calls with candidates by addressing our Decision-Making Checklist,” said Pickett. “This blocks and tackles each step chronologically. Rather than just listing out documents on the checklist, we hyperlink all of these resources out to help prospective franchisees.”

Wild Birds Unlimited is also careful to avoid over-branding of documents. By being transparent when naming all resources, candidates can find the information that they are looking for with ease at any point in the franchise process. 

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