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Wild Birds Unlimited Franchisees Celebrated Grandparents Day

Franchisees Danielle Motley and Nancy Paul had events and giveaways to commemorate this very special day.

What happens at grandma and grandpa’s house is not just for the birds. 

Bird watching is an excellent opportunity for some good, old-fashioned grandparent and grandchild bonding, which is why Wild Birds Unlimited franchisees are commemorating Grandparents Day. This special holiday already took place on September 8, but franchisees have found creative ways to keep the party going. 

Two such franchisees are Danielle Motley, owner of the Wild Birds Unlimited Mount Pleasant, South Carolina store, and Nancy Paul, owner of the Green Bay, Wisconsin store. 

Through Sunday, September 22, children who visit Motley’s store will be able to make a card for their grandparents on site. Not only that, but her store will also give each child a $5 Wild Birds Unlimited gift card they can give to their grandparents. Motley’s store will also host bird walks on September 28 for grandparents and their grandchildren, which will also be open to other bird enthusiasts. 

“We are inviting all kids in the area to come by our store and make their grandparents a card and each card will feature a bird we have in the area,” Motley said. 

Motley, who has been operating her store for eight years and worked for Wild Birds Unlimited for five years before that, noted that many customers often come in and talk about how much their grandchildren enjoy feeding birds with them. What’s more, grandparents will often hold off on filling their bird feeders until their grandchildren come to visit. 

“They talk about the passion for bird feeding their grandkids have and how their grandkids want to fill the feeders,” Motley said. “Wild Birds Unlimited is a huge opportunity to plant a little seed in the kids for a love of nature that can turn into something bigger as they grow up.”

As a grandmother to five grandchildren, Paul is a strong believer in the bonding and development opportunities bird feeding can provide. 

“I encourage other grandparents to share their love and passion for nature with their grandchildren because it’s so important,” Paul said. “Introducing kids to nature builds their self-esteem and well-being. Kids are emotionally healthier if they’ve had experiences outside and are connected with nature.” 

To celebrate Grandparents Day, grandparents who visit Paul’s store throughout the month of September can fill out a form that answers the question “What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Activity with Your Grandchildren? And Why!” and return their answer directly to the store or through Facebook or email. Answers will be submitted for a “Grandparent Drawing” at the end of the month for a raffle and then stories—sans names—will be distributed to customers so that participants can learn about the different ways they can connect with family.

The prizes up for raffling are the Advanced Pole System Basic Setup, a FeederScaping consultation and/or bird feeding station installation help and a 20-pound bag of the brand’s No Mess Seed

Paul, who worked in geriatric social work for 40 years before joining Wild Birds Unlimited, cited the positive effects of bird feeding. 

“Bird feeding calms you down,” Paul said. “It’s just a wonderful thing to do that creates such positive emotions. There’s something that’s just very peaceful about sitting and watching the birds.”

As a grandparent and bird enthusiast, Paul has been putting Wild Birds Unlimited feeders in her backyard for years, which she and her grandchildren lovingly refer to as “Nana’s Zoo.”

“This way, my grandchildren didn’t have to travel long distances to go to a zoo,” Paul said. “They could see birds, squirrels, raccoons and bugs all in my backyard.”

In an effort to further facilitate a love of nature among grandparents and grandchildren, Paul’s store sells plush toy birds. She is also working to increase the number of books she has for children. She’s gotten all of her grandchildren set up with bird feeding and bird watching equipment—everything they need to become little birders. 

“My 8-year-old and 5-year-old grandchildren live in Washington, D.C. in a crowded neighborhood, but they have a little grassy area in front of their house and they have so many birds and squirrels,” Paul said. “When we FaceTime, we’ll talk about what birds they’ve seen.”

Wild Birds Unlimited’s commitment to quality, customer service and franchisee success make Paul proud to be part of the brand. 

“When you combine the quality of our products and feeders and food with the educational opportunities we’re able to provide our customers, it’s just amazing,” Paul said. “Our goal is to make sure customers have everything they need to successfully attract birds. We love to have people leave our store with smiles on their faces. We treat everyone who comes in like old friends.”

Check your local Wild Birds Unlimited store’s website for more information on events. 

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