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Wild Birds Unlimited’s Record Year proves that Specialty Retail is the Future of the Industry

After opening 23 locations this year, Wild Birds Unlimited is heading into 2018 on the heels of strong momentum.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 7:07AM 12/11/17

The retail industry’s influence—and potential for growth—is far reaching. According to the National Retail Federation, the industry directly and indirectly supports 42 million jobs, provides $1.6 trillion in annual labor income and contributes $2.6 trillion annually to the U.S. GDP. And the majority of those businesses are small ones that employ fewer than 50 people. That means that the work being done by retail franchisees is making an impact.

One brand that’s making its impact known is Wild Birds Unlimited. The franchise that’s known for bringing people and nature together is at the forefront of the retail industry’s latest trend—specialty stores. More and more consumers are interested in shopping at stores where they’re going to be dealing with industry experts, and Wild Birds Unlimited perfectly fits the bill.

“Wild Birds Unlimited is truly unique in that we’re a brand founded on passion. Members of our team, whether they’re on the corporate team or are franchisees, are all invested in the success of the brand because of their interest in backyard bird feeding and watching—inspiring and furthering that hobby is what fuels our expansion efforts,” said Paul Pickett, Wild Birds Unlimited’s chief development officer. “When our customers walk into their local Wild Birds Unlimited store, they know that they’re going to be met with staff members who are experts in the industry. And because that knowledge is rooted in joy, we’re creating a positive retail experience.”

With over 300 locations currently up and running across the country, Wild Birds Unlimited is proving that its specialty approach to retail is resonating with both consumers and franchisees. So far this year, the brand has opened up a record 23 locations with the help of local owners who are bringing their energy and excitement for bird feeding and bird watching to the table.

“From their franchise support center to the products that the customers receive, everything about this brand is top of the line. And what’s continued to impress me throughout the entire experience is the fact that every other franchisee I’ve talked to shares a level of excitement and passion surrounding the brand,” said Manuel Peña, a Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee who opened up a location with his family in Dripping Springs, Texas in September.

Going forward, Wild Birds Unlimited is aiming to build on its momentum as a leading specialty retail store. In 2018, the brand hopes to open 25 new locations, and has also set a goal to develop 20new markets across the US and Canada. To meet—or exceed—those expectations, Wild Birds Unlimited is committed to continue its tradition of providing top tier support and coaching for both new and existing franchisees, and recruiting passionate, enthusiastic candidates to the brand. WBU’s initial investment falls within an affordable range of$146,692 to $228,406.

“This year has been exceptional when it comes to franchise openings and success stories. That’s a trend that we’re looking forward to building on in 2018,” said Pickett. “As we continue to move toward that milestone 400-unit mark, Wild Birds Unlimited is committed to improving our systems and best practices for both our franchisees and customers. That’s what makes our concept so unique, and we won’t lose sight of that as we expand our reach across North America.”

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