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Workout Anytime Trainer Turned Franchisee Signs to Open 4 Locations in AZ

Former police officer and trainer Jason Lobaugh is taking the fitness franchise to the Grand Canyon State after purchasing an existing Oregon location.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
Updated 3:15PM 01/16/24

After serving in the Portland, Oregon, Police Department for 23 years, Jason Lobaugh retired in 2014 to pursue his passion for fitness. That passion led him to the 24-hour fitness franchise Workout Anytime in Beaverton, where he spent two years as a trainer. In 2020, he was given the opportunity to purchase the gym from his former colleague. It was then that Lobaugh decided to make the jump into business ownership for the very first time. 

After navigating challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the entrepreneur found himself in a position to expand Workout Anytime’s presence in Arizona. Lobaugh and his wife Melissa will be making the move to Arizona, and with the help of partner and brother-in-law Joe Franzen, the pair will open four new locations in the state. The first location, Workout Anytime of Madera Village, will open in Tucson later this year. 

1851 Franchise spoke to Lobaugh about his franchising journey with Workout Anytime. 

1851 Franchise: Frame your personal story for us. What did you do before franchising, and how did you decide franchising made sense for you?

Lobaugh: I served as a police officer for 23 years in Portland before transitioning to the health and fitness industry. I initially spent two years as a trainer at the Beaverton, Oregon-based Workout Anytime, which was the first Workout Anytime location on the West Coast. Later on, I was presented with the opportunity to buy the gym from Rick, the owner and my former colleague from the Portland Police Department, and I jumped at the opportunity. This happened in December 2020. It was my first venture into business ownership.

Shortly after the purchase, our gym faced significant challenges. The manager, who was doing an excellent job, left for another opportunity. And then, the pandemic hit, forcing us to temporarily close our doors. It was an incredibly stressful period but we persevered. Despite the difficulties, we managed to navigate the challenges, and now we find ourselves in a position to expand our presence by opening new gyms in Arizona with my partner and brother-in-law, Joe Franzen.

1851: What was your perception of franchising prior to becoming a franchisee, and what do you want people to know about franchising now that you are in it?

Lobaugh: I was pretty much clueless about what it takes to open a business before I became a franchisee. Like many fitness trainers, the idea of owning my own gym was always in the back of my mind. I knew there were both benefits and drawbacks to franchising. When the opportunity to become a franchisee presented itself, I just couldn’t pass it up. It felt like everything fell into place. 

1851: What made you pick this brand? What excites you most about this company?

Lobaugh: I chose Workout Anytime as a franchise because of the model they offered. I had always admired the brand’s Veteran-friendly approach. This gym was where they initiated the “Lift for the 22” program, which offers free gym memberships to Veterans. Given my law enforcement background, I have a deep appreciation for the sacrifices that Veterans make. That aspect truly resonated with me and drew me to the brand. 

Additionally, my background in bodybuilding and success in the local fitness scene provided me with insights into the health and wellness industry. What excites me the most about Workout Anytime is its inclusivity. We cater to a diverse range of individuals, from the elderly population to crossfitters and bodybuilders. We have something to offer everyone, and that inclusivity is what makes me passionate about being a part of this company. 

1851: What do you hope to achieve with your business? What are your plans for growth? 

Lobaugh: Our aspiration for the business is to expand and grow. What my wife and I have always believed is that what we can imagine is nothing compared to what God has in store for us. Our immediate plan is to have our next four gyms up and running. It’s a significant challenge because we’ve never built a location from the ground up before, so there’s been a steep learning curve. However, I am confident that once we get our first location operational, everything will fall into place. 

Currently, we reside in Oregon, but our expansion involves us moving to Arizona. This transition has brought on logistical challenges, but my brother-in-law is in Arizona and he’s been such a valuable asset. After we make the move, I believe it will become easier to get things going smoothly. 

1851: What is the one thing about your story you want us to know?

Lobaugh: The one thing I want everyone to know about my story is the importance of integrity. Maintaining integrity in both your business relationships and personal life is paramount. It means being honest, even when nobody's looking. To me, that’s the true definition of integrity. Regardless of the outcome, if you have integrity, you can always say, “I did the right thing.” 

1851: What advice do you have for other people thinking about becoming a franchise owner?

Lobaugh: Be prepared. Understand that it involves a significant amount of work. Be ready for that commitment. There’s a learning curve, so be open to learning and adapting. 

Additionally, prioritize your hiring process. Having the right people on your team is vital. If you don’t have good people supporting you, things can take a negative turn swiftly. Ensuring you have a solid team in place is crucial to the success of your business.


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