Young Franchisees to Know: James Seward
Young Franchisees to Know: James Seward

After spending nearly seven years in the military, James Seward decided to enter the world of business with the help of Pita Pit.

James Seward, 34, who was born and raised in New Jersey, joined Pita Pit after nearly seven years of experience with the military and five years of experience as a business executive.

James received a degree in Criminal Justice from Roger Williams University in 2002, and entered the Army the same year. He joined as a Blackhawk Pilot and left as a captain.

Following his time in the Army, James joined his father’s government contracting company, James Seward Consultants (JSC), and has since been working as the Director of Northeast Operations.

James has continued working at JSC while owning Pita Pit, hiring his uncle, Douglas Cook, who has around 20 years of restaurant management experience, to manage the day-to-day operations of the restaurant.

How did you learn about Pita Pit and why did you take an opportunity with the brand?

I came across Pita Pit in Florida, where my father’s business is based. I was looking for another business to invest in, and Pita Pit seemed like a good opportunity.

The area I’m in is an excellent community to develop because it needs a healthier alternative to the status quo. The only real direct competitors are Subway and Chipotle. The company’s culture was also appealing – it’s very family-oriented and it’s a tight knit community between the corporate offices and franchisees. I also like the atmosphere that every Pita Pit restaurant strives to have; it’s more than an assembly line.

What are your expansion or development plans? What is your end goal with Pita Pit?

I have signed an agreement to develop three more locations in the next four years. I’m considering Aberdeen, White Marsh and Perry Hall. There’s also a Pita Pit in Baltimore that closed that I’m considering reviving.