10 Start-Up Brands That Are Using Marketing to Grow Their Franchise
10 Start-Up Brands That Are Using Marketing to Grow Their Franchise

Even franchise giants had to start somewhere.

Find out how these 10 start-up brands are using marketing to grow their franchise concepts. Make sure to keep an eye out for these soon-to-be household names in the future.

Famous Toastery

Famous Toastery is making a name in the franchise industry by changing one. The brand was formerly known as Toast Café, but after seeing competition for the name, the brand decided to make a new name for itself. In addition to the rebranding, Famoust Toastery markets itself by being itself. By providing fresh, scratch-made menu items, it is creating interest among franchisees who want to be part of this business model.

Bee & Tea

Bee & Tea is on a mission to make boba tea a mainstream beverage. The brand is getting the word out with their vibrant urban storefronts and choice to customize the traditional Taiwanese boba milk tea beverage. In order to gain brand recognition, Bee & Tea’s second Chicago location is co-branded and will be half Bee & Tea and half popular fro-yo chain Forever Yogurt, another Forever Brands franchise.

With GYMGUYZ, there's no need to actually visit a gym — they bring it to you! GYMGUYZ is a mobile personal training and fitness franchise company featuring a team of certified coaches. The brand uses what makes it stand out in the world of fitness to market itself — mobility. To improve name recognition, GYMGUYZ will park its vans in visible areas and make sure to drive around during rush hour to get as many eyes as possible on its mobile billboards.

Your Pie

When Your Pie opened in 2008, Founder Drew French wanted to be the best fast-casual pizza concept. The brand also sticks out for using fresh, handmade dough, Italian-inspired brick ovens, and premium ingredients. When it comes to growing Your Pie, community is also important to the brand and that’s what it's looking for when finding franchisees. Your Pie stands out from the crowd by creating buzz in the community and getting involved. The pizza franchise also partners with local breweries to draw in craft beer fans.

Palm Beach Vapors

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Georgia State University, it’s estimated that more than 20 million U.S. adults have tried an e-cigarette at least once. That’s why Entrepreneur has name the industry one of the top franchise concepts to watch in 2015. Palm Beach Vapors has done a great job of marketing itself in the space as a franchise on the forefront. The brand rebuilt the juice system with its revolutionary Gnu Vape. Palm Beach Vapors' Gnu Juice is a safe liquid system that will work with current hardware to help solve the existing health issues with current e-cig liquid.

Bottle & Bottega

The entertainment concept of paint-and-sip studios has been named one of the top franchise concepts to watch in 2015 from Entrepreneur. So it’s no surprise that Bottle & Bottega is starting to make a name for itself in the industry. The brand has 16 locations in the U.S. Bottle & Bottega gets the word out about its concept by providing co-op advertising, ad slicks, national media opportunities and regional advertising. It’s also supported by social media, where the brand features customer paintings and community events.

French Fry Heaven

The humble potato is finally having its moment. One franchise getting onboard with this trending concept is French Fry Heaven. The first French Fry Heaven opened in 2011 and serves Belgian-style fries in a portable cone with a variety of toppings. What is working for this brand is the personality behind it. By creating a fun environment, the good vibes spread from the employees to customers. The brand is also very involved with charity. French Fry Heaven gets the word out about itself by giving back to the community and getting involved in various charities and events.

The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge is the first eyelash extension salon franchise in the U.S. The franchise concept specializes in low-maintenance beauty. What separates The Lash Lounge from its competition is that it is a four-in-one concept. The brand is known for having private service rooms, a makeup counter and a clothing and accessories boutique. By using various new and old-school advertising efforts, The Lash Lounge is spreading the good word concerning its unique business model.


Falafill has already made a name for itself in Chicago by putting food first. The Falafill kitchen makes everything from scratch each and every day. It’s the quality of the product that keeps Falafill rated as one of the top falafel restaurants in the Windy City. In addition to providing a great product, Falafill has partnered with great chefs to create a new wrap for their Chefs for Charity program. It’s another way to bring name recognition to this franchise concept.

Rainbow Station

Children’s enrichment has been named one of the top franchise concepts for 2015 from Entrepreneur. Rainbow Station provides early education, school age recreation and mildly ill care for children. The brand is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs (NAECP). In addition to providing early education and recreation, this franchise separates from the pack by offering The Get Well Place at Rainbow Station. The brand provides expert care to children from birth to age 14. It’s a great community resource that people are more than happy to tell friends and family about, the best form of marketing there is out there.