15 Brands with Major Marketing Success
15 Brands with Major Marketing Success

Photo Credit: FotograFFF / Shutterstock.com
Advertisements are often unwanted eyesores amongst interesting content. Effective marketing should be almost unseen to the consumer eye. In other words, marketing should not feel like marketing. To create a sales pitch that captures the audience’s attenti.....

Photo Credit: FotograFFF / Shutterstock.com

Advertisements are often unwanted eyesores amongst interesting content. Effective marketing should be almost unseen to the consumer eye. In other words, marketing should not feel like marketing. To create a sales pitch that captures the audience’s attention is a difficult thing to attain, but can be done, as seen by the following companies. These 15 franchises have hit the happy medium between attention grabbing, respectful, creative, engaging and informative, making them the our top 15 brands with great marketing.

Taco Bell

The Mexican chain isn’t afraid to take risks, especially when targeting Millennials. In addition to launching a series of fun food items (a Dorito taco, anyone?), they have found a brand voice that speaks with their consumer, rather than at, and provides an open dialogue between customers. In 2013, Taco Bell also took a leap of faith on Snapchat and continues to use creative methods to broadcast its brand message.


Subway has come a long way from the Jared commercials. It completely overhauled its brand a couple years ago and now includes tons social media contests, new and innovative menu items almost monthly and even famous fans. Seriously, there is a tab for famous fans on their website and it includes: Mie Trout, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Barr. With over 2 million Twitter followers, Subway is a marketing force.


As the largest restaurant chain in the world, McDonald’s has to have a very innovative marketing team in place. Those responsible for driving people to the Golden Arches have come up with some rather clever campaigns over the past couple years. We all know McDonald’s Monopoly, but in 2013 McDonald’s went digital with the game which appeased Millennials. Another way McDonald’s has proven it is top notch in the marketing game is through its social media channels. They are fun and have generated a voice that speaks to its primary consumer.


IKEA’s marketing feels genuine, almost like storytelling. Not only does IKEA have a large social media following, but it runs incredible and unique marketing campaigns all over the world. Take its billboard-fitted wardrobes in Vienna for example, or even when they decorated bus stops with couches. And let’s not forget the storage units in Shanghai’s Metro Station. IKEA’s marketing strategies bring their brand to life which is why they landed in the top five.


Marketing 101: build consistency. Wendy’s has hit this dead on since the dawn of time. Remember that girl with the red hair, pigtails and freckles? You may be thinking of the woman on their logo or you could be thinking of the woman in the commercials. Wendy’s has consistently marketed their brand with the same voice and style for years making it recognizable anywhere.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is the king of capitalizing on current trends. Their latest stunt on Twitter “Bite of the Night” is a contest incorporating customers favorite Dunkin’ products and Discovery Channels Shark Week. In addition, Dunkin’ Donuts also engages with its audience through hashtags such as #DunkinDaily, which promotes the company’s tasty combination of the day.

Burger King

First off, we forgive Burger King for its Paris Hilton commercials and King mascot –and you should too. No longer using the creepy King mascot to promote its brand, Burger King’s new marketing strategy enlists several A-list celebrities to help push its various new items in a more humorous tone. Although, Burger King has a lot of ground to cover before catching up to its biggest competitor, McDonald’s, we think it will do just fine as long as it stays on this marketing path.


Sonic does not just rely on social media to showcase how clever it can be, but also produces some of the most creative commercials on television today. Using skits that relate easily to consumers, Sonic captures the audience’s attention with its wittiness and delicious looking food.

Checkers and Rally's Restaurants Inc. 

Engagement, engagement, engagement. Checkers and Rally’s restaurants are all about interacting with customers. Whether it is a simple retweet, reply, or tweeting at a fan, Checkers is all about being inclusive and showcasing the brand through its customer’s eyes. Checkers is also not afraid to add a little humor to its voice, making it easy to relate to the brand.

Papa John’s

“Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.” This slogan is known all around the world, but it’s not what helped Papa John’s make it into our top 10 –it’s actually their involvement with sports. Nothing goes better than football and pizza, and it looks like Papa John’s knows that. Capitalizing on a market that goes hand-in-hand with pizza, Papa John’s was able to increase its audience size and utilize some pretty great promotions along the way.


Convenience stores aren’t exactly known for relating to their customers, but 7-Eleven really ups the game and knows how to engage with its audience. Not only does 7-Eleven post the most hilarious images of its products (Big Bite Hot Dogs or legs?), but it interacts with its customers with giveaways and promotions on social media.


For years the Chick-Fil-A marketing team has promoted its “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign, and there is a perfectly good reason for it. It is the Holy Grail (if you will) of marketing campaigns. It is humorous, and can go in many different directions, making it useful for many years to come. As one of the only chicken focused fast-food restaurants in the world, Chick-Fil-A has made a name for itself by using its healthier chicken options to drive customers away from the burger giants and into its doors.

Toppers Pizza

Two words: late night. Toppers Pizza has become the king of late night pizza delivery through its marketing techniques and unique topping such as tater tots, pulled pork, pickles and even mac ‘n cheese. Its willingness to think outside of the box has allowed Toppers to become the new creative genius in the world of pizza development. The original pizza combinations alone are enough to market this pizzeria to the top.

Edible Arrangements

This idea basically markets itself. Why send flowers when you can send something delicious? Edible Arrangements brings multiple marketing tactics to the table such as free birthday upgrades, end of fruit season bouquets and holiday gifts.

Buffalo Wings & Rings

New to the game, but certainly not going anywhere, Buffalo Wings & Rings’ take on social media humor is on point. They not only promote each of their products through tasty looking pictures, but give each product a voice that resonates with consumers.