1851 Franchise Weekly Sizzle
1851 Franchise Weekly Sizzle

Here are the eight things you need to know from this week.

Michael Phelps and that suction cup guy who scaled the Trump Tower might have dominated headlines this week, but did you know that drones are on their way to becoming the new norm in food delivery?

We break down some of this week’s other top headlines so you can stay in the know.

1. “How Warby Parker Disrupted the Eyewear Industry:” Over beers at a local bar, four friends threw around an idea: What if they could provide higher-quality prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price?

2. “How Technology is Taking over the Restaurant Industry:” Restaurants are experimenting with advanced methods of delivery, including drones, robots and driverless cars.

3. “Virtual Reality is Becoming the Next Great Storytelling Canvas:” Brands are turning to virtual reality technology to strengthen consumer relationships.

4. “Three Commonly Overlooked Change Management Strategies:” Managing change is a huge initiative. There are countless moving parts, it involves and impacts everyone in your organization, and it’s necessary for your organization to compete, grow and succeed.

5. “Wing Zone Announces Plans to Quintuple the Number of Stores in the Chicago Area:” With a surge in demand for bold, spicy foods, Wing Zone hopes to dominate the Chicago market.

6. “Why Businesses Choose to Grow Through Franchising:” Brands continuously rely on the franchising industry to reduce costs, boost brand recognition and grow at a faster rate than the competition.

7. “Keynote Speakers, It’s Time to Brand Your Brand:” What does your delivery and your message say about your brand?

8. “Top Players in Franchise Development:” Check out 1851 this coming Monday, August 15, for the kickoff of our Top Players in Franchise Development series! We’re interviewing 26 of the franchise industry’s most knowledgeable development experts to find out what makes their brands tick.