1851 Franchising Weekly Rewind
1851 Franchising Weekly Rewind

Check out the hottest franchising headlines from the past week.

Subway Going Antibiotic Free
This week Subway announced it is planning on transitioning to serving only protein from animals that have never received antibiotics in all of it’s U.S. restaurants starting in early 2016. The company is planning on completing the transition to chicken raised without antibiotics by the end of 2016, and beef and pork by 2025. This announcement comes after the franchise giant announced it would remove all artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from its menu by 2017.
(From NPR)

McDonald’s Testing Sweet Potato Fries
There may be a new fry on the McDonald’s menu soon. The Golden Arches has started testing sweet potato fries in a Create Your Taste restaurant in Amarillo, Texas. This comes as the fast food giant is testing more health conscious menu items, like avocado toast and organic beef burgers, to appeal to millennial consumers.

(From the Huffington Post)

Domino’s Introduces New Delivery Car
Keeping pizza hot will no longer be a problem for Domino’s. The Ann Arbor-based chain has announced the launch of their new delivery car, the “Domino’s DXP.” The vehicle is a gutted Chevy with a warming oven in it that has the capabilities to accommodate large orders. According to Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA, this is the first vehicle built to revolutionize pizza delivery. The new Domino’s DXP will roll out to 25 major markets over the next 90 days.

(From Nation’s Restaurant News) 

Darden Board Approved Real Estate Spin-Off
Federal Regulators and Darden Restaurants Inc.’s board of directors have approved the real estate spin off for the company. The casual dining operation is waiting on approval from the Internal Revenue Service to find out if the spin-off would qualify as tax-free. This move would allow the new company’s shares to be distributed on Nov. 9, pending the approval.

(From The Wall Street Journal) 

Yum Brands to Spin Off China Business
After facing pressure from activists, Yum Brands Inc. has announced that it will spin off its China business. The company currently operates about 6,900 restaurants in China, including KFC, Pizza Hut and Little Sheep, a hot pot chain. The new spin off provides Taco Bell a way to enter the country. This decision comes after Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed told analysts the company would take immediate action, and promised a turn around for its KFC and Pizza Hut brands in China.

(From USA Today)