1851's Franchise Development Website Awards Top 10 Brands
1851's Franchise Development Website Awards Top 10 Brands

It’s time to point the spotlight on the best franchise development websites the industry has to offer.

1851 Franchise shined a light on the best the industry has to offer by announcing the Top 40 finalists of the 2015 Franchise Development Website Awards. Our panel of four judges has a wealth of experience in the franchise, public relations, marketing and information technology world. They based their scores on motivating content, ease of application, usability, UI/UX design, site performance and SEO.

Read on to learn which top-ranked websites led the pack and why:

9. Buffalo Wings & Rings: The Buffalo Wings & Rings experience gives every customer the VIP treatment, featuring bright, inviting dining rooms. It’s not a surprise that the website is just as lively and inviting. The food photos are mouth-watering and the text advises users to try not to lick the screen—easier said than done. From ease of navigation to a friendly user experience, this site has a lot going for it.

Judges’ feedback: “The clean look, simplicity of the site and information at your fingertips are highlights. The site could use additional content to boost it even further.”

9. Lo-Lo’s: Lo-Lo’s is the catchy name behind some serious soul food. Chicken and waffles is the recipe for success here and the website features the yummy Lo-Lo’s concept front and center. The eye-catching design takes users on a colorful ride with a cute rooster pointing the way.

Judges’ feedback: “Great layout here. There’s an easy process to follow. It could use some SEO enhancement to make it even more outstanding.”

8. Toppers Pizza: Pizza, more pizza, toppings, tons of toppings, so many dipping sauces and lots of wings. There are delicious tater tots on one of the pizzas here! Some wacky, fun graphics, social media testimonials and an order page that makes selecting those all-important toppings and dipping sauces a breeze add up to a winning site.

Judges’ feedback: “Very dynamic site. A lot of great visuals and use of images and video. Again, some SEO enhancement is in order.”

5. Taco John’s: This taco joint operates and franchises more than 400 quick-service restaurants in 25 states, making it one of the largest Mexican quick-service restaurant brands in America. The website keeps things simple. You want free stuff, it’s there. You need to know where to get your taco fix late at night, here ya go.

Judges’ feedback: “Lot of great content. Tells a powerful story about their success and franchise opportunity. Would have liked to see financial performance representation (Item 19).”

5. Smoothie King: This delicious drink purveyor has a simple quest: Make living a healthier, more active lifestyle delicious and nutritious. The site has a clean and easy feel as well, with all you need to know, including nutrition information. There’s even a health and fitness blog to keep you on track. Smooth, very smooth.

Judges’ feedback: “Very clean and simple with great graphics. Tells its story well and makes a great case for potential franchisees.”

5. Famous Toastery: The Famous Toastery story began in 2005 in North Carolina in a small house-turned-restaurant where two best friends opened a breakfast spot. This website is like the South itself: hospitable, warm, friendly and bubbling with charm.

Judges’ feedback: “Smart use of video imagery, and there are appealing franchise testimonials here. Good use of Item 19.”

4. Wireless Zone: Founded in 1988 under the moniker “The Car Phone Store,” Wireless Zone has catapulted to the status as the nation's largest wireless retail franchisor and was ranked the No. 1 franchise in its category by Entrepreneur magazine. The company has flourished in recent years thanks to its recession-proof and finance-friendly model.

Judges’ feedback: “Great call to action. Explains the benefits and the process well. Great motivating content. Item 19 would have boosted this even more.”

1. MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes: A better burger awaits you. The online menu handily and colorfully lays out your options (avocado on that burger, anyone?),there’s streaming MOOYAH radio tunes, information on ways the brand can help you with your good-guy fund raising and a handy locator map.

Judges’ feedback: “Very strong SEO and use of news feed. Good flow and compelling content. Highly navigable.”

1. Checkers: This is the one-stop flavor spot for all things related to the business of loading it big, like you live it big. The website is no exception. Everything sizzles and pops here. Big type tells you how to get two for $5. Everyone wants that. And yum, funnel cake.

Judges’ feedback: “Great use of Item 19 with strong financial content. Their story as to why this is a great investment really nails it.”

1.Mosquito Joe: Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control treatment to residential and commercial customers. Its site nicely lays out why mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance and offers a quick list of services and a simple way to get a quote. It’s time to enjoy the outside again. Bugs be gone!

Judges’ feedback: “Terrific call to action combined with wonderful use of video imagery. The flow of the site is stellar. Providing information in multiple ways to suit the user is smart.”