2 Seasonal Franchises that Have a Winter Surge
2 Seasonal Franchises that Have a Winter Surge

Hint: weather and the holidays are calls to action


While many franchises see success year round, certain brands hold a higher value and experience an uptick in business during the winter season due to the niche services the brand offers. Franchising offers a proven business model that can be tailored to fit a person's lifestyle and personal business assets. Demand peaks and valleys, in particular, allow franchisees to pursue other business ventures along with their franchise ownership as well as the opportunity to travel or spend time with the family.


GYMGUYZ offers in at-home personal training providing convenient and customized workouts to customers across the country. As temperatures drop and the winter winds begin to blow, many individuals find themselves dreading the walk to them gym - creating an even greater need for GYMGUYZ services.

“While our brand is convenient and prospers year-round, we obviously experience an increase in business in the winter due to the convenience and flexibility of our business model,” said CEO Josh York. “We’ll bring the gym to you, we’ll provide you with the same workout you’d get at your gym in the comfort and warmth of your own home.”

Along with bringing an ease of working out without having to leave your home, York says the fitness franchise also incorporates the spirit of the winter and holidays in their workout routines as well by offering ways to burn calories while shoveling snow and throwing snowball fights.


Miracle Method, a bath and kitchen refinishing company, also experiences growth during the winter seasons. The brand’s VP of Franchise Development Gwyn O’Kane says that with many homeowners welcoming in guests during the holiday season, the need for a quick pick-me-up in the kitchen or bathroom becomes vital in some cases.

“In general, we see a spike in productivity during the winter months due to the fact that there’s a stronger desire to update and sanitize a kitchen or bath area, especially if homeowners have guests staying overnight for the holidays,” said O’Kane.

The new year is a time for new beginnings, and O’Kane said a lot of resolutions include home renovations and upgrades as well.

“Miracle Method offers a fresh new start for your home for the new year by cleaning up areas in a unique and cost-effective manner,” said O’Kane.

While Miracle Method and GYMGUYZ are two brands that flourish in every season, their concepts tend to excel in the winter months due to an increased need for their services.

In certain cases, there are franchise brands that offer services privy to one season alone, and due to the extreme need for the concept during that time franchise owners are still able to profit from their investment. This also allows them to invest in other endeavors and live a more flexible lifestyle, which is why many entrepreneurs choose to opt into these types of franchises.