24/7 Workout Anytime Expands in the Pacific Northwest
24/7 Workout Anytime Expands in the Pacific Northwest

Workout Anytime heads west of the Mississippi.

Rick Hascall will be joined by his daughter Kellie in bringing Workout Anytime to the Pacific Northwest in November. The Hascalls will be the first to bring the fitness concept to the region, and are also the first Area Developers to take Workout Anytime west of the Mississippi.
Rick grew up in the St. Johns community of Portland and hopes to open his first gym in this tight-knit community. In addition to his familiarity with the area, Rick and his brother were mini celebrities in their town; they were featured on the front page of the St Johns Review newspaper for their accomplishments as high school gymnasts in the early 1970’s. After high school, Rick went on to receive a degree in Administration of Justice from Portland State University in 1979.

Following college, Rick embarked on a 29-year police career with the Portland Police Bureau where he worked in undercover narcotics, investigations, and as a counter-sniper on the SWAT team. In 2009, armed with a strong skillset, Rick traveled overseas to work in diplomatic security in high threat areas such as Baghdad and the West Bank for 3.5 years. During this period he also met Chris Gately, one of the Area Developers for Florida, who he will be partnering with to develop in Chris’ home state of Idaho.

Kellie grew up in Portland and majored in psychology at Northern Arizona University. After college, Kellie relocated temporarily to Boulder, CO and managed a real estate office for more than two years. Upon returning to Portland, Kellie was approached by her father to manage the clubs in his new business venture. However, with eyes on bigger and greater things, Kellie asked to partner with her father to build the business together. With the first gym, Kellie will act as the general manager, and her role will expand as more locations open.

How did you come across Workout Anytime?

Rick: I had a friend who opened a gym franchise in San Antonio, which planted the seed for me as a new business opportunity. Then, I found out that Chris Gately and Larry Lock, whom I had met while working overseas, had joined Workout Anytime as Area Developers for North Florida. I visited them while on vacation and toured their gym; and spoke with them about the business in general.

Why did you choose an opportunity with Workout Anytime?

Rick: I concluded that Workout Anytime has the best business model of any of the gym franchises; and a bright future. Also, the ability to become an area developer allows for greater growth opportunities.

Kellie: It seemed like the perfect time and opportunity to actively engage in something that I care about it. My fiancé and I like to stay active, so it’s a natural fit for me to go into the fitness world. Also, who doesn’t want to work with their dad?

What will make Workout Anytime thrive in the Pacific Northwest?

What the region lacks is affordable, user-friendly, intimate neighborhood gyms. Workout Anytime gyms are smaller with 1-3 staff members who will likely greet you by name. Also, it’s only $15 a month with no contract; and you have your own key and can come and go as you please; so it’s like having your own gym. The other thing about the Pacific Northwest is that generally people that choose to live in the area are outdoorsy and like to stay in shape. Considering the fact that it also rains a lot here, having an affordable and comfortable gym, with tanning available, will be a great option for residents.

What is your personal development plans?

Another gym franchise has opened 38 gyms in Oregon, 23 in Idaho and around 48 in Washington. I hope, and expect, to do better than that. As I’ve said earlier, Workout Anytime has the best business model and therefore I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t outperform the competition. I have already spoken to several people interested in opening franchises in the Portland area; including Vancouver, WA.