25 Senior Care Service Franchises to Watch in 2017
25 Senior Care Service Franchises to Watch in 2017

A generation of aging Baby Boomers is making the in-home senior care franchise industry more and more valuable.

Caring for the ever-increasing number of older Americans is putting a significant strain on hospitals, patients and families. But while this growing demand for senior care challenges the limitations of traditional health care institutions, it’s also introducing opportunities for entrepreneurs to be part of the solution by running a business that brings care and support to seniors. That’s why, today, there are a myriad of senior care franchises for families to choose from.

These franchises vary from medical to nonmedical care and offer their clients assistance with everything from day-to-day housekeeping chores to providing emotional support and comradery. There are also franchises that concentrate their efforts on tending to senior citizens with Alzheimer’s and dementia care needs.

According to Anya Nowakowski, a senior research analyst at FRANdata, there’s been a surge in the medical and healthcare brands entering the market. Today, Baby Boomers are listed by the U.S. Census Bureau as those between the ages of 52 and 70. As this generation ages, so too will the demand for senior care services. This will likely lead to the increased interest in in-home senior care services for entrepreneurs, too. The combination of a low investment paired with high demand makes the senior care industry intriguing for entrepreneurs in the market.

The brands listed below are 25 companies within this industry that are performing at a rate that can meet the needs of the Baby Boomer generation, thus making them valuable franchises to invest in.

Home Instead Senior Care

Founded in 1994 by Paul Hogan and wife Lori, the business partners have led Home Instead to nearly 1,480 locations worldwide. They founded a Home Instead Senior Care Foundation in 2003 and established a partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2008. The brand is headquartered in Omaha and offers full-time, live-in, nonmedical service to people who need help managing their physical needs and assistance for daily housework and tasks.

Number of Units: 1,079

Investment Range: $109,260 - $117,910

Comfort Keepers

Established in 1998 and franchising since 1999, Comfort Keepers provides senior citizens with nonmedical care and companionship. The Dayton-based franchise has grown from 585 domestic locations in 2006 to 638 in 2016, all while steadily growing their international presence with 98 existing units today – with locations in Canada, France, Ireland, Portugal, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Number of Units: 767

Investment Range: $86,310 - $136,260

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels and its 554 predominantly American locations provide families and their loved ones at-home care services as well as unique “Life Care Navigation.” The program is designed to help families create individualized elements of care to help both physical and emotional demands of their clientele. Jeffrey Johnson founded the business in 1992 and has been franchising for the past 18 years.

Number of Units: 554

Investment Range: $66,750 - $107,500

FirstLight HomeCare LLC

Operating out of Cincinnati, Ohio, FirstLight HomeCare provides senior citizens, new mothers, and disabled adults the companionship and in-home care necessary to help improve the quality of living for their clients. Six years into franchising, FirstLight has increased its number of franchised units year after year, with over 130 domestic locations today. In addition to its respite, personal, and companion care offerings, FirstLight is devoted to reducing the number of hospital readmissions for its clientele.

Number of Units: 134

Investment Range: $95,156 - $140,73

Home Helpers

Home Helpers is a franchise designed for not only senior citizens, but also new mothers and people recovering from recent illnesses and/or surgeries. Founded in 1997 and franchising ever since, the Cincinnati-based business remained stable over the past five years, operating approximately 600 locations over that course of time. The franchise offers specific care services, like Alzheimer’s and dementia care, as well as respite care and other monitoring services.

Number of Units: 636

Investment Range: $70,850 - $117,600

Right at Home

Since 2000, Right at Home has offered customized, in-home care service along with a system that pairs clients with its local caregivers. The caregivers system separates Right at Home from its competitors, as it gives both clients and loved ones access to personally-paired caretakers who offer both experience and dedication. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Right at Home climbs the rankings each year within the industry and has grown from 91 locations to over 500 within the past 10 years.

Number of Units: 526

Investment Range: $78,200 - $133,400


Having been franchising for a little over 10 years, Synergy HomeCare offers home care services for seniors and elders, respite for caregivers and assistance for those enduring illness or surgery recovery. Between the years 2009 and 2010, Synergy underwent a transformation and nearly doubled its number of locations from 95 to 206. Today, they operate 338 units domestically. Based in Gilbert, Arizona, Synergy targets families in need of personal care, respite and compassion and franchisees looking for rewarding work in return.

Number of Units: 338

Investment Range: $35,425 - $149,400

Senior Helpers

Established in 2001, Senior Helpers has steadily maintained its number of franchised units over the past six years. Senior Helpers is dedicated to helping families identify their specific needs for in-home care services and determining their loved ones’ need for either companion care, personal care or specialized care. Based in Timonium, Maryland, Senior Helpers also offers a trademarked program, Senior Gems, which assists families and healthcare professionals in detecting the characteristics of normal aging versus early- to late-stage dementia.

Number of Units: 279

Investment Range: $81,300 - $117,30

BrightStar Care

Unlike the majority of senior care franchises, BrightStar Care offers its clients both nonmedical and medical home care services. Founders Shelly and J.D. Sun offer franchisees extensive digital and in-person training to help accommodate their unique services that separate them from the competition. Based in Gurnee, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, BrightStar has grown to nearly 300 domestic units since it was founded in 2002.

Number of Units: 303

Investment Range: $92,371 - $174,032

Homewatch CareGivers

Homewatch CareGivers remains one of the eldest senior care franchises today, having been founded in 1978 by Paul Sauer. Today, Leann Reynolds, the daughter of Paul, heads the company out of Greenwood Village, Colorado. For 30 years, Homewatch has provided its clients a plethora of home care services like elder care, dementia care, degenerative disorders care, chronic conditions care, and after-surgery care, among others. The steady franchise has operated roughly 200 locations worldwide since 2006.

Number of Units: 204

Investment Range: $87,000 - $137,400

ComeForCare Home Care

Like BrightStar, ComeForCare is one of the few franchises in the industry that offers in-home medical care to its customers. The Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, business thoroughly grooms its caregivers to tend to the companionship care of its clientele. Its “patient-centered care plan” is a proactive approach to in-home care. ComeForCare has incrementally grown since it was founded in 1996, with 200 locations today in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Number of Units: 200

Investment Range: $86,950 - $162,000

Always Best Care Senior Services

Initially created as an assisted living service, Always Best Care has grown into a senior care franchise that offers nonmedical options in addition to its assisted living platform. Always Best Care has been a certified franchise for the past eight years and now has a presence in 29 states and nearly 200 units. Based in Roseville, California, the company provides a special care service for military veterans that helps former service men and women allocate the funds to pay for the care required.

Number of Units: 198

Investment Range: $63,725 - $114,400

CarePatrol Franchise Systems LLC

Founded in 1993, CarePatrol has been franchising their senior care service for the past seven years and have approximately 150 franchisees to date. Rather than provide its clientele in-home senior care services, CarePatrol is designed to help families find safe and quality assisted living, independent living, and memory care living options for their loved ones. CarePatrol is an agency resource for families to use based on their financial, physical and geographical requirements.

Number of Units: 148

Investment Range: $64,649 - $84,699

The Senior’s Choice Inc.

From its headquarters in Incline Village, Nevada, The Senior’s Choice is a nonmedical senior care franchise that hosts a network of caregivers, capable of tending to the day-to-day needs – both physical and mental – of their clients. Franchising since 2007, TSC offers three unique programs: the Certified Companion Aide, the Certified Hospice Companion Aide and the Fall Prevention Program, all available exclusively to TSC clients.  

Number of Units: 161

Investment Range: $45,000 - $65,000

Acti-Kare Inc.

Acti-Kare Inc. was founded in 2007 and began franchising that year, too. Since then, it has incrementally grown, annually increasing the number of its units nationally. The Tampa-based business offers a myriad of senior care services, family care services and recovery care. This senior care franchise has also innovated its Acti-Vate program. Created by healthcare professionals, this program encourages mental, physical and spiritual activity for its senior clients.

Number of Units: 108

Investment Range: $45,000 - $65,000

Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance has been franchising since 2004, a year after it was founded, and elevated its national and international presence thanks to its one-of-a-kind Balanced Care Method program. Their Home Care Assistance helps promote a healthy lifestyle and encourages social activity. These niche offerings, which differentiates the brand from its competitors, has helped them develop locations worldwide.

Number of Units: 134

Investment Range: $77,775 - $245,250

Assisting Hands Home Care

Assisting Hands has grown from three franchisees in 2006 to over 90 today, with locations scattered across 19 states and a solitary location in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Assisting Hands is designed to offer its clients nonmedical care assistance within the comfort of their own homes. Headquartered in Nampa, Idaho, the franchise offers specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care, in addition to industry standard nonmedical services.

Number of Units: 94

Investment Range: $70,550 - $147,500

Caring Senior Service

Founded in Odessa, Texas, in 1991, Caring Senior Service provides its clients various in-home care provisions, like meal preparation, housekeeping, and companionship. With nearly 15 years of franchising activity, Caring Senior Services has over 50 locations in 20 states across the country, with its largest presence in its home state of Texas.

Number of Units: 52

Investment Range: $58,585 - $107,450

Touching Hearts at Home

Renae Peterson started the company in the Twin Cities in 1996 and began franchising 10 years later. Touching Hearts at Home specializes in companionship, Alzheimer's Care and Dementia Care, and various household chores as a senior care services franchise. Since 2007, Peterson’s franchise has doubled the number of locations it operates – from 25 to 50 today.

Number of Units: 50

Investment Range: $48,400 - $69,100

Interim HealthCare

Interim HealthCare has been dedicated to the senior care franchise since 1966, having just celebrated its 50th anniversary at the start of 2016. Over that course of time, Interim HealthCare has always offered a variety of in-home senior care services, ranging from hospice care to health care staffing. Today, the Sunrise, Florida-based franchise operates over 300 franchise units in 43 states, offering standard in-home care, in-home hospice care, and healthcare staffing.

Number of Units: 567

Investment Range: $123,500 - $196,500


The Toronto-based Qualicare operates around 15 Canadian locations and 11 American locations and offers a holistic approach to in-home senior care services. Qualicare provides industry standard services to its clients, including light housekeeping, personal care, and daily routine assistance. The franchise has more than doubled its number of Canadian operators, from seven to 15, and obtained its first American franchisee in 2014 and boasts 11 total today.

Number of Units: 27

Investment Range: $71,700 - $201,200

HomeWell Senior Care

In its 13 years of franchise operations, HomeWell Senior Care has never had more franchisees than it has today, 53. Its founder, Joshua Hoffman, worked as a caregiver in a nursing home at just 19-years-old, and he always wanted to start a business of his own. Today, HomeWell offers its customers daily living and companionship services, as well as same-day urgent care.

Number of Units: 53

Investment Range: $67,450 - $126,500

Amada Senior Care

From 2014 to 2016, Amada Senior Care leaped from 15 franchise locations to 58 today. Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Amada was founded in 2007 by Tafa Jefferson, a former professional football player, and college friend Chad Fotheringham. Amada helps families find the right care for their loved ones, whether it’s by their own in-home care options and caregivers, or by referring assisted living communities.

Number of Units: 58

Investment Range: $87,710 - $174,654

Executive Home Care

In 2004, Executive Home Care was founded in an effort to provide families with a variety of in-home care options and services for loved ones requiring personal and physical care within their own homes. Franchising for the past four years, Executive Home Care has grown from two to 13 franchisees since 2013. The Hackensack, New Jersey franchise offers companionship, homemaking, personal, live-in, specialized and veterans assistance care services for its wide range of clientele.

Number of Units: 14

Investment Range: $97,750 - $149,000

Seniors Helping Seniors

After a decade of franchise operations, Seniors Helping Seniors founder Kiran Yocom has grown the franchise to nearly 300 locations, all of which provide companionship and nonmedical care to clients. However, Yocom and the franchise offer a distinct difference between their service and their competitors: The in-home care is provided by other senior citizens. The Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, franchise provides seniors in need of emotional and physical caretaking the company of those closer to them in age.

Number of Units: 287

Investment Range: $86,785 - $141,390