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3 Factors That Can Affect The Time It Takes To Open Your Franchise Business

Lease negotiations, construction build-out and hiring and training are three major factors that can affect your franchise’s opening date.

Opening a franchise requires owners to anticipate and plan for a lot of important decisions. Every franchise brand and every location within that brand is uniquely situated and subject to local laws, and such rules can affect your franchise’s opening date. The good news is that you can take a proactive approach to your franchise’s opening, whether you’re a veteran franchise owner or a newbie to the franchising industry. 

Here are three main factors that can affect the timeline to open your franchise—and what you can do to make sure nothing catches you off guard. 

Lease negotiations

There’s a reason many brands opt to stay involved in the lease negotiation process. Finding a space that will suit your business’s needs and participating in lease negotiations can be challenging. 

The good news is that franchisees likely won’t be alone in this process. Franchise attorneys, real estate brokers and the franchisor are all parties invested in the outcome of a space. 

You can stay proactive by doing research and considering the real estate situation in your city and neighborhood. What are the going rent rates? Are there any businesses in the area similar to yours? If so, see if you can find out how much they are paying in rent. By researching as much as you can once you’ve signed the franchise agreement, you’ll be prepared for any local real estate-related hindrances that might come your way.

Construction buildout

There’s far more to building a franchise than constructing a building. Your location needs to follow all kinds of rules, including ADA compliance and local building codes.

If you are taking over an existing space, you have to consider several issues including whether the space previously served a similar purpose to yours. If so, you might not need to worry about a huge overhaul. If not and your franchise has special equipment needs, that can lengthen the opening timeline. 

Of course, the construction buildout timeline can depend on the level of involvement of the franchisor. Some brands may or may not help you find contractors and pay for construction fees. 

Stay proactive by researching the rules in your city or town and consult with your franchise attorney. 

Hiring and training

Hiring and training good employees requires careful planning. First, think about what kind of people your business needs. Should your prospective employees already possess a certain skill set, or are you looking to hire candidates with desirable personality traits and then train them on the job basics? 

It’s important to stay proactive by identifying exactly what new employees need to know and go from there. This includes operating efficiently in the franchise space. If they will be strictly responsible for administrative tasks, make sure they know their way around the office. Handling food? Train them extensively on proper food handling and how to avoid contamination. 

Opening a franchise requires significant planning, but by staying proactive, involving the right people and doing research, you can ensure the transition will go as smoothly as possible.