5 tips to boost your Twitter footprint
5 tips to boost your Twitter footprint

Check out these 10 tips to help your brand stand out on Twitter.

                                                         Photo Credit: 2nix Studio/ Shutterstock.com
In 2015, you need to be able to sell your brand in 140 characters or less. We’ve created 10 tips to help your brand stand out.
1. Be smart about the hashtag. It’s a great idea to incorporate hashtags into your content, but they can decrease engagement among followers if not used smartly. Don’t make your hashtag too long; make it short and to the point. As a rule of thumb, try not to use more than two per Tweet.
2. Engagement is key. You follow people and have followers for a reason. Pay attention to them! Tag other Twitter handles in your posts, respond to people’s Tweets, favorite people’s Tweets, and Retweet Tweets that are relevant to your brand.
3. Deal with customer and client feedback in a timely manner. Your Twitter feed fills up quickly because users are constantly Tweeting, and it can be easy to miss a customer’s comment or Tweet. But, it’s important to respond to any feedback, whether good or bad. Make sure to check your account several times per day and pay attention to your “notifications” button. Try using Tweetdeck, a platform Twitter created to enhance the user experience, to keep track of everything going on in your newsfeed.
4. Incorporate images into your content whenever you can. Since you only have 140 characters per Tweet, you need to be clever and succinct. Sometimes, it’s better to let your images do the talking. Connect with your design team to create fun infographics and images that your followers will love.
5. Consider promoting Tweets. Promoted Tweets are a great opportunity for your brand to reach followers it otherwise wouldn’t reach, because they can target followers who don’t follow your account. They are labeled as “promoted” and have the same Retweet, favorite, and commenting abilities as organic Tweets do. At first, try promoting one or two Tweets, study your results, and adjust your strategy from there.

Now that you’ve got these 5 tips, your brand should have no problem creating an engaging, effective Twitter account.