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7 Entertainment Franchises For 2021

If you’re looking to franchise in entertainment, these brands are playing the game right in the COVID-19 environment.

With millions of Americans living and working from home, many people are looking for new and creative sources for entertainment. If you are one of the thousands within the workforce looking to change careers amid the pandemic, now might be the perfect time to invest in an entertainment business.

Starting your own business can be a daunting process, even in non-pandemic times. To help point you in the direction, 1851 Franchise looked into top entertainment franchises with business models that are proving to be pandemic-proof.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

With only 62% of theaters open across the country, the big-budget film New Mutants earned just $7 million in its first weekend at the end of August. With a pent-up demand for movie viewings, and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a great franchise to consider to tap into that demand. 

Since 1997, the franchise has been proudly run “for movie viewers [and] by movie viewers” and offers a casual dine-in experience with each film. The brand has implemented enhanced safety protocols during the pandemic and has adapted to provide drive-in viewing experiences at the height of social distancing. Alamo’s hip branding and ability to adapt will have movie-lovers engaging with them during the pandemic and beyond. 

Wall of Books

If staying at home has had one positive impact, it's that people are reportedly reading more and self-educating. As bookstores see a boom, Wall of Books Used & New Bookstores is the perfect opportunity to start your own bookstore with the backing of a franchise model.

The brand prides itself on providing a unique culture of literacy and education within the communities it exists in and offers a family-friendly environment to buy, sell and trade new and used books. In a world where community is becoming increasingly important, Wall of Books is a great investment.

Pinot’s Palette 

There’s nothing like a little wine at the end of the day to take the edge off, and Pinot’s Palette provides the perfect atmosphere to further unwind through painting.

The paint-and-sip franchise was listed 323rd in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 this year and continues to grow with its fun atmosphere and malleable business model. Pinot’s Palette also offers people the opportunity to get together in small, socially-distanced groups, and they are set to continue their growth into 2021.

Kidcreate Studio

As children across the country begin their school year — many in online environments — they will need a creative outlet to relax and just be kids. Kidcreate Studio provides the perfect atmosphere for kids to play and express themselves through art. 

During the pandemic, the brand has gone the extra mile to create a safe, healthy environment for kids to be creative and try new things. They’ve also adapted to the new normal and developed at-home capabilities to bring the studio to customers. Their ability to be flexible with their model makes them a great brand to partner with in this challenging economy.

Stumpy’s Hatchet House

The added tension brought on by the pandemic is real, but a little physical exertion can help. Stumpy’s Hatchet House provides a fun way to let out a bit of extra energy with friends in a controlled atmosphere. 

The hatchet-throwing franchise fosters a lively atmosphere for small groups to come together to practice their aim, and the training experts on site can help you improve with each throw. Stumpy’s offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to entertain customers who want to try something new and different.

Discovery Map

As the American tourism industry plans for a post-COVID world, Discovery Map presents a unique opportunity within domestic travel. The brand is a top provider of curated guides to top tourist destinations, cities and towns throughout North America. Each map is hand-drawn and adored by the tourists who use them.

When the COVID-19 virus subsides, tourist-driven towns across the country will be looking to update their maps to include local restaurants, attractions, businesses and cultural experiences that have survived or developed within the pandemic. Now is the time to invest in the low-cost franchise while cities rebuild.

Wild Birds Unlimited*

Many Americans are developing new hobbies while weathering the pandemic at home, and nature-forward brand Wild Birds Unlimited is helping their customers increase their knowledge of and appreciation of nature. Since the dawn of COVID-19, many people have begun observing the wildlife in their own backyards, and bird-watching has become especially popular

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