7 Ways a Brand Can Benefit from Signing a Celebrity
7 Ways a Brand Can Benefit from Signing a Celebrity

Consider the significant return on investment a celebrity endorsement can have for your brand.

Using a celebrity to promote your brand is becoming a more popular marketing strategy as the media and users on social media discuss and analyze their every move. Although having your brand work with an actor or athlete often can come at a steep price, there can be quite a payoff for your brand’s exposure for those who can afford to consider it. These days, endorsements come in many different forms: a social media post, commercial, advertisement, event appearance or being an official spokesperson. Whatever form it comes in can provide these seven benefits for your brand.

1. Increase brand awareness. Whether it’s within a new or existing target audience, celebrities can put your brand on the map because of their reach and if targeted to the right audience, their influence. Vice President of Advertising & Marketing at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, Jack Bachinsky, explains why the brand decided to sign on with soccer star, Carli Lloyd. “One of our typical customer profiles is a soccer mom, and there is a huge awareness within that demographic of celebrities within the industry. Carli Lloyd was a great match because she was already a member and a fan of Hand & Stone, which made this partnership a win-win.”

When signing on with a celebrity, brands should make sure they are either aligned with their existing target audience or a potential new customer base for them.

2. Create buzz for your brand. Being able to stay top of mind for consumers is a challenge many brands face, but with a celebrity endorsement, consumers won’t as easily forget your brand.

“In the short-term, a celebrity such as an actor or sports star can have a favorable impact by creating buzz and excitement around the brand,” said David Henkes of Technomic.

Perhaps when consumers are deciding between two options, they may choose the one their favorite artist or actor likes to buy. In addition, a failing brand can get some much-needed attention and generate interest.

3. Build credibility for your brand. Everyone likes to take suggestions from friends and family, but they will also trust what their favorite celebrity recommends because people want to be just like them. Consumers may question a completely new product or service but if a celebrity is using it, the brand will gain that instant credibility.

“By using U.S. Women’s Soccer captain Carli Lloyd and now Dancing with the Stars’ Lindsay Arnold, it has helped to add credibility to the brand. They are each the right type of personality for Hand & Stone and believe in our message. Their endorsement helps build credibility with both athletes and weekend warriors,” said Bachinsky.

4. Sell a lifestyle that consumers want to achieve. Often times, a franchise can be intricately linked to a celebrity. “In a way, brands like Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville or Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse are also selling a lifestyle,” said Henkes. The celebrity might not always be interacting directly with the brand, but their persona is tied to its image and this can help to attract consumers.

People want to be like celebrities, and buying a product or service they use helps them get one step closer.

5. Increases your social media following. Celebrities are one of the top categories users follow on social media these days more than media and businesses. If your celebrity endorsement includes social media posting, this can significantly increase your following if the celebrity tags your brand and promotes it through their posts. This form of influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity for big name celebrities and micro-influencers within niche industries.

6. Employee validation. When your company’s employees are satisfied, your company’s performance should also benefit. Henkes said, “A celebrity tied to a brand can make employees of that company feel good about working there.” By getting employees excited and engaged with their work, the spokesperson for the brand can influence their attitude towards working for the company and promoting it in a positive light.

7. Humanizes the brand. Associating a face and a trustworthy personality behind the business name can humanize it enough to make consumers want to interact with your brand. Stepping away from just selling something to learning why a particular product or service has changed that person’s life makes it more memorable. As a consumer, seeing a familiar face in an advertisement is comforting and brings the brand to life as more than just a company trying to make money. It’s simply more relatable.