Based on Success of Six Existing Studios, Amazing Lash Studio® Pursues Further Development Opportunities in Minnesota
Based on Success of Six Existing Studios, Amazing Lash Studio® Pursues Further Development Opportunities in Minnesota

The exploding beauty business specializing in semi-permanent eyelash extension services looks to build upon the success seen in Minneapolis by expanding its presence in the state.

With a growing number of women looking to escape the time constraints of their daily beauty routines, beauty services that save time while upholding high quality standards are uniquely positioned to thrive. The Amazing Lash Studio brand’s semi-permanent eyelash extension services fit the bill, as evidenced by how quickly the brand has grown since its founding in 2010; the brand currently holds the No. 1 position in the eyelash extension segment volume-wise by approximately 150 studios.

As the Amazing Lash Studio brand continues to gain momentum, the 215-plus unit brand is capitalizing on demand in existing markets by pursuing further development through franchising opportunities. Based on the success of its six existing studios in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, the brand is exploring additional growth opportunities with multi-unit operators to bring more studios to the state of Minnesota.

Elizabeth Holte is Amazing Lash Studio’s regional developer in the Midwest region. Her extensive market knowledge coupled with personal experience as an Amazing Lash Studio franchisee further amplifies her insight into the growth opportunities available in Minnesota. As part of its overall goal to build out the greater Minneapolis area, Amazing Lash Studio is looking for qualified franchisees to bring studios to the Rochester and St. Cloud markets specifically. With the right business partners, Holte explained, Amazing Lash Studio has the resources in place to add locations in these markets as swiftly as possible.

“The greater Minneapolis area and its outer regions are great markets for Amazing Lash Studio due to the broad appeal of its services and the prevalence of the brand’s target demographic across Minnesota,” Holte said. “We have built some great momentum with the six locations currently open in Minneapolis-St. Paul and are looking forward to capitalizing on this success by bringing additional studios to the area.”

Amazing Lash Studio franchisee Patty Cutshall saw the same tremendous potential for the brand in the Edina, Minnesota market. Cutshall and her husband, Brian, own a Massage Envy business in Minnesota, and as they explored additional concepts to add to their franchise portfolio, the two saw enough similarities between the concepts to dive in with confidence. But first, Cutshall wanted to be certain semi-permanent eyelash extensions weren’t just a fad and that she could stand behind the service brand she was buying into.

“I became an Amazing Lash Studio member at the brand’s Chanhassen studio prior to purchasing our license to make sure I could back the product,” Cutshall said. Two years later, she remains a satisfied customer. “I absolutely love everything about my lashes and the retail products the brand sells to maintain my lashes at home.”

Beyond just her own personal satisfaction, Cutshall can attest to the high level of service the Amazing Lash Studio brand provides due to the success she’s seen in her first 18 months of operation.

“Amazing Lash Studio is the perfect fit in our market because there are very few competitors that can do what we do,” she said. “We have highly trained and specialized lash stylists who are all board-certified.” Coupled with Amazing Lash Studio’s spa-like setting that includes private rooms, proprietary technology and personalized services, Amazing Lash Studio delivers superior customer experience by focusing on how clients feel more so than how they look.

Holte was also able to speak to the strength of the brand’s membership base in Minnesota, noting that with every new studio opening in the market, Amazing Lash Studio has seen a significant jump in membership—one that isn’t doomed to subside thanks to the consistent addition of new products and services.

“Amazing Lash Studio can be a very profitable investment if franchisees are committed to embracing the brand culture and the accompanying high standards,” Holte said. “With great customer feedback and expanding offering playing a huge role in the current membership numbers, the rate at which the brand is growing makes it clear the demand for Amazing Lash Studio’s services isn’t going away.”

As Amazing Lash Studio continues its nationwide growth, the brand is seeking qualified franchisees to bring studios to the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul market, including Rochester and St. Cloud. The investment range for an Amazing Lash Studio franchise is $224,650 to $482,528. For more information on franchise opportunities, visit https://franchising.amazinglashstudio.com.

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