Feel Your Best, Look Your Best: How Amazing Lash Studio® Provides Guests with an Exceptional Beauty Experience that Extends Far Beyond the Competitio...
Feel Your Best, Look Your Best: How Amazing Lash Studio® Provides Guests with an Exceptional Beauty Experience that Extends Far Beyond the Competition...

The lash extension brand became the category leader with individual studio rooms, affordable services at luxury-level quality and ongoing innovations.

Category leader Amazing Lash Studio® knows that lush, gorgeous lashes can be just the beginning when it comes to looking and feeling one’s best.  Since its founding in 2010, the Amazing Lash Studio brand has been committed to providing a tailored guest experience and a mission to promote lasting beauty and confidence so that guests look and feel amazing. This passion has Amazing Lash Studio extending far beyond the competition.

Amazing Lash Studio locations offer high-quality and proprietary eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and maintenance services. Driven to own everything around the eyes and to play around the face, the brand is also looking to expand its services to offer brow treatments and other facial beauty services as well. As CEO of Amazing Lash Studio Heather Elrod explains, the brand is just as much in service to guests’ emotional wellness as to their beauty regimen.

“In our guest research of members and non-members, it is resoundingly clear that, with lash extensions, women feel more confident,” Elrod said. “The brand just completed a round of market research and, across the entire country  no matter the region or focus group, the feedback is identical: Guests wake up feeling confident and beautiful after a service. It’s all about how they felt, not how they looked.”

In other words, “Services offered through Amazing Lash Studios allow women to break up with their mascara for good and to look as glamorous as they want,” Elrod emphasized.

The standout studio’s clientele demographic ranges impressively from 18 to 55 years old, with a fast-growing segment over 40 years old. With such an extensive audience, the Amazing Lash Studio brand has found success showcasing its second-to-none offering on social media platforms like Instagram. The brand has also seen significant traffic from word-of-mouth referrals.

Elrod knows how powerful the in-person witnessing of long, full lashes can be, and how this translates to studio visits.

“I went in for eyelash extensions before I joined Amazing Lash Studio, and in that first week, three of my girlfriends saw me and asked what I did,” said Elrod. “After I told them, all three went and immediately became members.”

It’s not only Elrod’s friends who are clamoring for the luxe look of extensions; 65% of guests that visit Amazing Lash Studio location have never enjoyed the service before and are excited to experience the glamour and confidence that lash extensions afford. That means an ever-increasing segment size, of which Amazing Lash Studio brand has emerged as the leader.

“It is an emerging beauty trend and Amazing Lash Studio is bringing it to the masses,” said Elrod. “That’s part of what Amazing Lash Studio offers--that educational component thanks to expert stylists.”

That’s yet another differentiator for Amazing Lash Studio: the lash stylists who have completed its rigorous two-week training-- the longest in the industry -- are employed by each independently owned and operated studio.

“The brand stands out because of its focus on training, education and excellence through the stylists,” Elrod said. “We outline a recommended career path for longevity and offer the training to keep stylists moving up in the system. In our tenure, we’ve been able to hone not only our training and support but also the business model in order to provide an excellent experience to guests.”

Another component of that excellent guest experience? Unlike other brands in the beauty service space, Amazing Lash Studio offers individual studio rooms.

“Resounding in our market research is that guests love the individual treatment rooms,” Elrod said. “It’s a private room and the door is closed. That environment is so relaxing that most people fall asleep. So, the brand’s services don’t just offer a gorgeous result; they are themselves deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.”

Also consistent with prioritizing guest comfort, Amazing Lash Studio recently launched a new featherlight lash.

“We are purposefully addressing our resources so that we can continue to innovate in the category,” Elrod said.

And Amazing Lash Studio doesn’t just innovate in the category. The brand owns it.

“Amazing Lash Studio created this segment of the beauty industry and made it part of a new beauty regime for masses of women across the country. Now, we clearly are the category leader,” said Elrod. “We were the category innovator. Now we are the leader, and our intent is to be the category killer, meaning we will dominate the entire segment.”

Moving forward, the Amazing Lash Studio brand is positioned for continued growth, not only through social media buzz and organic referrals, but also as the dominant player in the evolution of a longstanding aspect of the beauty industry: mascara. The ability to “break up with mascara,” in the words of Elrod, and to step out with “I woke up like this” confidence is driving guests to their local Amazing Lash Studio location at incredible rates. With expert stylists, ever-evolving services and personal rooms, Amazing Lash Studio is the go-to for lush, gorgeous lashes in a comfortable environment.

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