The Value of Privacy: How Amazing Lash Studio's Individual Rooms Stand Out in the Category
The Value of Privacy: How Amazing Lash Studio's Individual Rooms Stand Out in the Category

Through its relaxing, spa-like private rooms, the leading eyelash extension brand offers a high-end, custom experience at an affordable price point unparalleled in the beauty industry.

Amazing Lash Studio®, is one of the leading providers of high-quality, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, doesn’t mind if clients take a nap while receiving beauty services. In fact, once they lie down in one of Amazing Lash Studio’s peaceful, spa-like private rooms, many clients do.

Each individual treatment room at Amazing Lash Studio is host to a comfortable bed topped with a soft, clean blanket for ultimate coziness. Spa music often plays to create a tranquil atmosphere. Stylists are trained to discuss pre- and post-care only at the beginning and end of the service so that clients can kick back, close their eyes and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Once the client opens their eyes again—around one hour later for an eyelash extension fill—they are refreshed, more confident and ready to take on the world.

Lauren Wanamaker, Director of Development at Amazing Lash Studio’s corporate headquarters, said that creating a discreet, relaxing environment is a key piece of the brand’s strategy to deliver top-level service. It’s also one of the brand’s key differentiators. While other multi-service boutique spas and salons may have a room or two tucked in the back for the option of privacy, Amazing Lash Studio is one of the only specialty eyelash extension services exclusively with private suites—all at an affordable price point comparable to studios with open floor plans.

“We’ve done research around the country, and our clients have spoken loud and clear: in all of the brand’s market research, our private rooms are the number one reason they choose Amazing Lash Studio,” said Wanamaker.

Wanamaker noted eyelash extension studios are often set up like nail or hair salons. “People are used to receiving beauty services right next to someone else,” she said, “But when you’re getting your eyelashes done, your eyes are closed, your guard is down, and you can feel a bit vulnerable. Being in an open environment can be quite uncomfortable.”

For Amazing Lash Studio clients, having only the stylist in the room provides the ideal environment for a fully customized experience. Napping and meditating aside, clients are also afforded an opportunity to have conversations with their stylists. After all, with eyelash fills recommended every two to three weeks and a popular membership model, clients begin to build trusting relationships with their dependable stylists.

For Amazing Lash Studio franchisees, the relationships formed within the studio walls may also aid in stylist retention. “Our private rooms help stylists feel like they’re building their own business within Amazing Lash Studio without having to go out and market themselves,” said Wanamaker, adding that the studio also offers incentives to pre-book appointments, and clients are asked if they would like to see the same stylist the next time they visit. “You get loyal to that person you’ve gone to every time,” she said.

“The biggest benefit to our private rooms is our ability to attract more clients because we offer a much higher-end experience at a comparable price point,” said Wanamaker. “Clients come out of their personal Amazing Lash Studio room feeling as refreshed and confident as they do after getting their hair professionally done. That incredible experience is what keeps clients coming back.”


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