Approximately 25% of Americans Will Use Snapchat in 2018
Approximately 25% of Americans Will Use Snapchat in 2018

Despite a decline in daily users in Q2, an eMarketer report reveals Snapchat saw a 7.1 percent increase in monthly users from 2017.

This year, 84.8 million Americans—roughly a quarter of the population—will use Snapchat, according to a report by eMarketer. While Facebook and Twitter will see monthly user counts rise just 0.9 percent this year, the number of Snapchat monthly users is up 7.1 percent from 2017 and is expected to rise in 2019, the report estimates. Snapchat's user count increase is second only to Instagram, which saw a 13.1 percent increase from 2017.

The platform is still the most popular social network among teens, continuing to add users ages 12 to 17, while Facebook is losing users in that cohort. eMarketer also noted Snapchat and Instagram will gain the same amount of new users (1.8 million) this year under the age of 25, which it attributed to the popularity of story features on both platforms.

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