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Big Blue Swim School President and Founder Chris DeJong Joins WGN News to Discuss Swimming Safety

The month of May is National Water Safety Month and Big Blue Swim School President Chris DeJong spoke with WGN to discuss swimming safety tips as we are entering the summer months.

By Carley ChanaContributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 06/23/21

Unfortunately, statistics show 10 people die every day from accidental drownings, and it is the number one injury-related death for children between one and four years old. However, with proper safety measures, kids can stay much safer around water.

According to the CDC, formal swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning up to 88%. According to Chris DeJong, founder of Big Blue Swim School, this is a vital summer to enroll children in formal swim lessons because the pandemic not only caused an education gap in schools but also in life skills.

“We’ve found staying consistent with swim lessons is really the most important factor in seeing success and teaching water safety, “ DeJong stated.

Additionally, he noted that when parents are with young children around water, it is important to designate a ‘water watcher’. Drowning is often silent and difficult to spot, and it can be even more difficult to see when there are many people in the water. It is not recommended to only rely on lifeguards or other professionals.

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