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Biz New Orleans: Salad Station Grows with Their Salad-Making Robots

The Salad Station’s salad-making robots, “Sally” have arrived in New Orleans.

The Biz New Orleans posted an article regarding The Salad Station’s salad-making robots, called “Sally” which have officially arrived in the cafeteria of the University Medical Center in New Orleans. The “Sally” robots, which resemble a vending machine, were brought to the market by Sherri Bridges’s, a Gonzales local. According to the article, there are currently 25 brick-and-mortar Salad Station locations in four southern states with 20 salad-making robots in Louisiana and more to come.

“I knew it was a million dollar idea,” Sherri said in the article. “Everything I receive is going to be freshly processed, chopped, no cooking. We have 22 airtight containers that fit into one machine. You fill them based on your usage, so certain ingredients will be changed out every day, some every other day but none above three days.” 

According to the article, Bridges, who is a former employee at a Northshore hospital, has purchased eight machines and is aiming for installations at Children’s Hospital, Tulane Medical Center and at several large businesses and schools.

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