Husband and Wife Duo Open Koko FitClub With Help of BoeFly
Husband and Wife Duo Open Koko FitClub With Help of BoeFly

The online marketplace provided the Brignonis with realistic options for a startup loan that they could have never found on their own.

Meraris and Ruben Brignoni are passionate about healthy living, and the proof is in their backgrounds.

Originally a trained architect by education, Meraris has always been enamored with the concept of designing and constructing beautiful things. But that passion wasn’t only limited to buildings—the idea of creating something strong was a far-reaching notion, and she decided to shift her focus from constructing spaces to building healthy bodies. In a decision that ultimately changed her career trajectory, Meraris became certified as a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer. She didn’t stop there—Meraris studied up to also become a certified nutritional specialist and fitness instructor.

Ruben provided a different view into the world of healthy living for those that would listen. As an experienced operations manager with more than 20 years of business experience in the global health care market, more specifically in the cardiovascular medical devices industry, Ruben has developed a deep understanding of healthcare providers and corporate organizations, and how the two often intertwine.

“Over the years I found my career steering me into an untapped niche---utilizing technology to serve the growing sector of the health and fitness market,” Ruben said. “I have a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a Masters in management. Combining my experience in product development, operational optimization and project management has put me in this unique position to take my experience elsewhere.”

In search of the perfect fit, Ruben and Meraris joined forces, combining her knowledge of fitness with his experience in the business world. They searched for a franchise that was different than all the other fitness offerings – one that was positioned not only for today, but for the future. That’s when they found Koko FitClub-Heathrow in Orlando, Florida. Koko is a digital gym – a fitness studio driven by state-of-the-art technologies, data and exercise science and the only fitness solution that provides individualized coaching every time to every member for lasting results. Fortunately, there were development opportunities available in Orlando.

Our one-of-a-kind technology, operational simplicity and superior training means you don't need to be a technology expert, or even a fitness professional, to be a successful Koko FitClub owner. You just need to share the passion we have for fitness, and for building a great fitness business,” said Mary Obana, president and co-founder of Koko FitClub. “We’re fortunate to have the Brignonis on our team—the two embody our genuine love for helping others better themselves.”

There was only one question left: Where does the funding come from? Under the recommendation of Koko, the couple approached BoeFly. The online marketplace provided the Brignonis with realistic options for a startup loan that they could have never found on their own. After securing the loan that best fit their needs, they were positioned to finally open their first location.

“At BoeFly, we’ve come to believe that the process of going to the bank to look for financing is antiquated, inefficient and tedious,” said Mike Rozman, CEO of BoeFly. “It’s always encouraging to see new businesses take advantage of the tools we offer to make their opening quicker and more efficient. Our team is proud to help the Brignonis realize their dream of opening a Koko business, and we hope it will set them up for continued success in the years to come.”

According to Ruben, BoeFly has indeed help make their dream possible.

“With their innovative technology to get people healthy, Koko is a top contender in the competitive and growing $40 billion fitness industry,” Ruben said. “BoeFly gave us the confidence in our ability to secure financing, working capital and liquidity to support us in our business endeavors. We’re able to launch our company without being weighed down by financial burdens.”

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