Multi-Unit Ownership Opportunities Continue to Fuel The Brass Tap’s Nationwide Expansion Efforts
Multi-Unit Ownership Opportunities Continue to Fuel The Brass Tap’s Nationwide Expansion Efforts

From its comprehensive support system to its affordable initial investment, the brand’s business model is designed to help multi-unit owners thrive in their local communities.

When entrepreneurs think of franchising, they often think of following a cookie cutter formula that doesn’t allow them to color outside of the lines. And while it’s true that the industry provides business owners with a system that’s been proven to be successful, there are some brands that go above and beyond to ensure that their local owners have more room to grow within their individual communities.

One of those concepts is The Brass Tap, the nation’s leading craft beer franchise. Backed by its mission to serve up the best local, national and international beers at every one of its franchise locations, the brand has positioned itself at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry. And by encouraging its franchisees to make each location an integral part of its local community, The Brass Tap is anticipating record breaking growth in 2017.

“There’s no doubt that it’s an exciting time to be a part of The Brass Tap brand. The craft beer industry is only gaining more traction among consumers, which puts us in a great position for nationwide growth. By combining that strong momentum with our unique ability to capitalize on the demand for local brews, I’m confident that we’ll see continued success throughout the year,” said Chris Elliott, CEO of The Brass Tap’s parent brand FSC Franchise Co. “What will ultimately take our expansion efforts to the next level is our one of a kind multi-unit development opportunity. By working with franchisees who are looking to take on numerous locations, The Brass Tap will be able to reach more consumers than ever before.”

One franchisee who’s proving that The Brass Tap’s multi-unit opportunity is second to none is Bharat Chhabria. After working his way up the corporate ladder in a traditional, corporate, nine-to-five job, Chhabria knew that he wanted to be his own boss and run his own business. But he didn’t want to go it alone. So he started looking into franchising opportunities that would provide him the best return on his investment, and The Brass Tap immediately stood out.

Since signing his franchise agreement back in 2012, Chhabria has opened three successful locations in Florida. And he’s not done growing with The Brass Tap yet—Chhabria is currently planning a development schedule for several locations in south Florida.

“The biggest thing for me was making sure that I broke into an industry that’s growing. I didn’t want to be a part of something flat or stagnant—I needed to be confident in the opportunity for me to grow and develop as a business owner. That’s exactly what The Brass Tap has provided. Now, not only am I a part of the increasingly popular craft beer segment, I’m involved with the brand that’s paving the way within that industry,” said Chhabria. “The Brass Tap stays true to form with its promise to service the best American craft beer. By focusing on local beers that have connections to my community, I’m able to tap into consumers in a really unique way. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t get positive feedback from our customers. That’s why I’m continuing to grow with the brand—it’s created a winning concept that’s impossible to beat.”

With 40 locations already successfully operating in communities across the country, it’s clear that The Brass Tap has created a model in which its local owners can thrive. And with start-up costs ranging from $664,000 to $1,223,000, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to break into the booming craft beer industry at an affordable rate, especially when pursuing ownership of multiple units.

“As we continue moving forward in the new year, we’re looking forward to welcoming even more multi-unit owners into our system. Franchisees like Bharat prove that our system is already working, and we’re confident that our multi-unit operators will continue to experience success,” said Jamie Cecil, director of franchise development for The Brass Tap. “Our goal as a corporate support team is to help guide our franchisees through the entire business ownership process. And as our network continues to expand in communities across the country, that support system is only going to get stronger.”

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