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The Top Five Reasons To Invest in The Brass Tap

The elevated craft beer franchise invites qualified candidates to tap into a model that boasts recurring revenue streams, an in-demand offering and ongoing franchisor support.

By Katie LaTourStaff Writer
SPONSORED 3:15PM 04/11/19

Since its founding in 2007, The Brass Tap has been a brand on the move. With nearly 50 units in states as far apart as Colorado and New Jersey, the craft beer franchise has clearly tapped into something special.


What sets The Brass Tap apart from the competition? In addition to an upscale menu, extensive craft beer list and a welcoming atmosphere, The Brass Tap boasts myriad reasons to invest. Jamie Cecil, VP of Franchise Development for The Brass Tap, spoke with 1851 on the turnkey opportunity the brand affords franchisees. Below, we list our top five reasons to invest in The Brass Tap.

1. An elevated menu with an energetic atmosphere—the best of both worlds

“One of the first things about our model that speaks to prospective franchise partners is the fact that we’re not casual dining,” explained Cecil. “We all see what's going on in the casual dining world, from decreasing sales to store counts falling off. The Brass Tap doesn’t have those issues. Our operating platform is easier and we have a smaller menu. So ours is a desirable model from an operational perspective.”

Indeed, when it comes to operations, The Brass Tap menu is both elevated—including foodie favorites like the Korean Pork Belly BBQ sandwich— and streamlined, as the delectable dishes can be executed without a chef. This means that guests get casual dining-quality food at an affordable price point, all while enjoying a laid-back atmosphere.

2. A smaller footprint that means lower buildout and labor costs

The ideal Brass Tap location is between 3,200 to 3,600 square feet, including an 400 to 600 square foot outdoor patio.

“That’s the sweet spot,” said Cecil. “That means manageable staffing requirements to support capacity and a simplified ownership model.”

Instead of having to keep up with a sprawling, impersonal buildout, owners with The Brass Tap know that they will be able to staff for exceptional customer service and a cozy atmosphere without having to put up with the operational quagmire that often bogs down larger establishments.

3. The craft of brewing, the art of in-demand product

The Brass Tap’s primary offering—an extensive list of unique and flavorful craft beers—impressively aligns with consumer demand. Simply put, said Cecil, “craft beer is hot right now.”

Not only does The Brass Tap offer over 200 different beers—with up to 60 on tap—but the brand also offers guests an array of vibrant craft cocktails and premium wines thanks to a full bar. There’s truly something for everyone at this must-visit mainstay.

4. Community engagement that translates to recurring revenue streams

Precisely because of The Brass Tap’s second-to-none offering, guests typically visit regularly and Brass Tap locations become important parts of their local community. And, as Cecil pointed out, community is really the backbone of any Brass Tap location.

“Tying into those local and regional craft beers is where The Brass Tap shines,” Cecil said. “We’re doing a lot to enhance that, with our new craft cocktail program and an enhanced menu. We offer trivia nights, tap takeovers and more. All of that makes The Brass Tap an even more enjoyable experience for the community.”

That investment in local color translates to recurring revenue thanks to a model that encourages guests to “return time and again,” Cecil said.

“People look forward to going to The Brass Tap,” said Cecil. “It’s a true community gathering place.”

5. A level of franchisor support that raises the bar

Finally, qualified franchise candidates considering franchising with The Brass Tap can expect exceptional support from corporate leadership.

“The support that The Brass Tap as a franchisor offers begins on day one,” Cecil said. “From site selection, to design and layout, to marketing, training and ongoing operational support, franchisees with The Brass Tap receive the resources and support they need to propel them to success.”

We’ll drink to that.

The investment level to open a Brass Tap location is $664,050 to $1,223,000 with a $35,000 franchise fee. To learn more about franchising opportunities with The Brass Tap, visit

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