Buffalo Wings & Rings Continues Commitment to Expansion Overseas While Growing Footprint in the U.S.
Buffalo Wings & Rings Continues Commitment to Expansion Overseas While Growing Footprint in the U.S.

Cincinnati-based Elevated Sports Restaurant Brand Hires New International CEO, Sets Up European Expansion Headquarters in Cyprus

While Cincinnati-based franchise Buffalo Wings & Rings continues to grow its presence throughout the U.S., the company is also focused on becoming the #1 sports restaurant system worldwide.

In another step towards that goal, the company brought on a new CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings International, John Eberly, to guide the brand’s global mission at a time when the company has more than 75 locations across the U.S., Middle East and Europe and continues to expand. Eberly brings extensive business experience to the international team, having worked with several Silicon Valley companies and in executive roles at American Express and Washington Mutual. He also has the franchise industry in his blood. Eberly’s family was one of the largest multi-unit Burger King franchisees, operating out of Oregon.

“There is a great opportunity with Buffalo Wings & Rings on the international front to meld the cool and fun vibe with some additional structure and refined tactics in order to take our growth to the next level,” said Eberly. “We’re currently working on documentation and operations so we can efficiently duplicate the platforms and processes that have allowed us to thrive in the Middle East, and will allow us to grow even more there, throughout Europe, and beyond in the future.”

Prior to Eberly’s addition, Haytham David, who is a part-owner of Buffalo Wings & Rings, had served in the role of international CEO as well as head of international development. David will now be taking on the role of President of International and working with Eberly to expand the brand’s presence overseas.

It's a great marriage of skills and styles. David will focus on big ideas and invest his time in long-term planning while Eberly brings valuable organization and analytics to the equation.

“I’m excited for the future with John in the role of CEO,” said David. “It’s been less than a year and he has already been able to start bringing some enhanced structure and organization to our international team.”

Since the beginning of 2017, Buffalo Wings & Rings has opened its first location in Pakistan in Lahore and a second restaurant will open in the area before the end of the year. The company also opened their first location in Palestine in Ramallah, as well as their first restaurant in Egypt - with a second in Egypt (that will serve as their flagship) scheduled to open in October. The company now boasts 23 restaurants open internationally and should end 2017 with an additional two or three openings.

After establishing a strong presence in the Middle East, Buffalo Wings & Rings is now turning part of their focus to Europe behind the opening of their first European location in Cyprus. To continue efforts across the continent, the company established their European headquarters in Cyprus, securing offices and hiring high level staff to continue in Europe what they have established in the Middle East. So far, Buffalo Wings & Rings has signed a deal to open restaurants in Greece and are discussing and negotiating based on strong interest in Spain and in Romania.

However, the company does not plan to take Europe by storm overnight. Eberly and David are plotting a measured approach to European growth in order to ensure success since the area is largely unfamiliar with American sports restaurant concepts.

“We are still committed to becoming the #1 sports restaurant system worldwide, and we plan to do it the right way,” said David.