Buffalo Wings & Rings Provides Families with Club-Level Restaurant Experience
Buffalo Wings & Rings Provides Families with Club-Level Restaurant Experience

The sports-themed eatery provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience for all ages.

It’s game day, and you and your family intend to share the occasion among like-minded fans.

 Where do you go?
Traditionally, sports-themed establishments are known for raucous crowds, loud music and quick, but often low-quality, food options. However, Buffalo Wings & Rings has broken the mold. Unlike most sports bars, the Ohio-based franchise aims to provide an experience that fans of all ages can enjoy.
Philip Schram, chief development officer at Buffalo Wings & Rings, said the brand offers a one-of-a-kind and much needed option for families looking to share a positive sports environment.
“What’s unique about our premise is that we marry the sports experience with a higher level product than what our competitors are offering,” he said. “You can easily find casual dining options, but if you want to see the game, there are no other restaurants dedicated to providing the opportunity we provide—we have that sports focus.”
Buffalo Wings & Rings touches on all aspects of what makes an ideal sports restaurant. A departure from typical sport bars, the restaurant brand provides a chef-inspired menu, a respectable dining environment, wall-to-wall televisions, but most importantly, a family-friendly atmosphere that compares to a “club level” feeling.
“It’s not just a tagline, it’s a belief and a philosophy,” Schram said of their brand focus.
While most competitors provide what he calls the “fan zone” feel, an atmosphere complete with unruly fans shouting profanities, Schram said Buffalo Wings & Rings raises the bar on how to enjoy sporting events by filling a void in the industry.
“We are the solution,” Schram said. “We offer a welcoming, family-oriented restaurant. We clearly market ourselves on being family friendly, while offering high-quality, fresh food—we have no competitors in that category.”
According to Schram, a large number of consumers are looking to distance themselves from traditional sports bars, and those are the individuals the brand is catering toward.
“Sports fanatics who want to be outside their homes and surrounded by other sport fans, they typically go to bar venues because they want to watch the game, eat food and be around friends,” he said. “But we’ve learned through the years that they don’t necessarily like the environment. We offer them an alternative while giving them great food and an overall better experience.”