Looking to dominate Ohio, Buffalo Wings & Rings is Expanding in Dayton
Looking to dominate Ohio, Buffalo Wings & Rings is Expanding in Dayton

After seeing great success through Cincinnati and Southern Ohio, Buffalo Wings & Rings is now targeting Dayton for continued growth.

Dayton—this large Southern Ohio city is home to the University of Dayton, Wright State University, two NCAA basketball teams and countless minor league and semi pro teams. For all these reason and more, Buffalo Wings & Rings is targeting the Greater Dayton area as the brand continues to methodically grow its Ohio born-and-bred roots.

According to Philip Schram, Buffalo Wings & Rings’ chief development officer, the brand is eyeing three to four locations throughout the region. With a population of 802,489 people and a strong college sporting culture, Schram believes Dayton residents will be quick to embrace their club-level restaurant experience.

“For Buffalo Wings & Rings, it’s all about finding the right cultural fit. We offer a world-class atmosphere for both die-hard sports fans and casual diners who enjoy elevated food, so we find that when we enter a town with an energetic sports culture, our brand does very well. Dayton has that kind of team loyalty built right into its core,” Schram said.

But picking the next big location for the brand involves more than just sports. Geography plays a huge role in Buffalo Wings & Rings’ development, too. Cincinnati—the birthplace of Buffalo Wings & Rings—and its surrounding areas currently serve as the epicenter for the brand. But as this region became increasingly saturated with locations, Schram explained that it was time to expand outward to further strengthen a structured web of units. Because Dayton is a short 53 miles away from Cincinnati, developing in this area allows them to strategically build out—and dominate—Southern Ohio.

“As we move and grow from one city to the next, we create a strong, concentrated network. Once we establish that web, we’re building a reputation—franchisees are able to feed off of one another’s success in neighboring territories,” Schram said. “And as we work our way outward from our hometown in Cincinnati, we’ve also been able to increase brand awareness. Potential customers can travel from one city to the next, and they’ll always see that there’s a Buffalo Wings & Rings in that area. This means continual reinforcement of the brand without having to spend money to advertise.”

Because Dayton is so close to the brand’s home office in Cincinnati, Schram added that franchisees will also have access to great support when needed—another reason why Buffalo Wings & Rings is poised to succeed with this development strategy.

“As the brand continues to grow throughout Dayton and the surrounding areas, we’re looking for franchisees who understand the value of joining an advanced and grounded system that offers great support and built-in brand recognition,” Schram said. “Dayton will be natural fit for our brand, and our franchisees will have the benefit of an established reputation the second their open their doors.”

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