Burger King's $1 Tacos: Smart Marketing or 'Shiny Objects'?
Burger King's $1 Tacos: Smart Marketing or 'Shiny Objects'?

The fast-food giant’s attention-grabbing campaigns build hype, but could distract from growth within its regular menu.

Burger King began offering $1 crunchy tacos nationwide for a limited time today in an effort to add variety to the chain’s snack offerings, according to CNN Business. But will leveraging the popularity of tacos be at the expense of its core menu?

"They have to be careful with some of these promotions," said Neil Saunders, managing director of research and consulting firm GlobalData Retail. "Burger King can be very haphazard with the menu."

At the same time, CNN Business notes that tacos have been a No. 1 item for years at Jack in the Box, and first-quarter sales were up at Mexican food chains Taco Bell and Chipotle. When it comes to LTOs, tacos could be a no-brainer, even for a restaurant with “Burger" in its name.

But, said Saunders, "sometimes you get the impression that Burger King chases after the shiny objects rather than focusing on the core business."

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