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Burger King Will Test Reusable Food Packaging Next Year

The burger franchise will introduce reusable Whopper containers and cups in an effort to reduce waste in 2021.

Image from Burger King.

In an effort to reduce packaging waste, Burger King announced on Thursday that it will begin testing reusable to-go containers for Whoppers and drinks, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

The program will employ a “closed-loop system,” in which customers can return the washable containers to restaurants using Loop, a consumer-facing “circular package” system developed by New Jersey-based TerraCycle. Loop provides tote bags, in which customers can place their reusable containers. Customers can then schedule a pick-up from their home or drop the bags off at UPS sites or Burger King restaurants.

Burger King customers who opt for reusable packaging will be charged a deposit fee to be refunded upon the container’s return. 

Burger King is not the first QSR franchise to partner with TerraCycle in an effort to reduce waste. In September, McDonald’s announced plans to test “zero-waste cup solutions” in partnership with TerraCycle.

Burger King will launch its test in 2021, first in restaurants in New York City, Portland and Tokyo, before rolling out to other markets.