Burn Boot Camp Doubles Members in 2018, Eyes Doing it Again in 2019
Burn Boot Camp Doubles Members in 2018, Eyes Doing it Again in 2019

With nearly 40,000 new members already signed on this year, the fitness franchise is on pace to double its membership base for the second time in a row.

The word is spreading about Burn Boot Camp. Last year, the franchise that’s building a fitness culture of acceptance and empowerment tripled from 22,000 to a whopping 60,000 members.

The image of 60,000 empowered women coming together to support each others’ health and wellness goals is enough to make anyone take notice.

And with nearly 40,000 new members already signed up this year, the fitness franchise is well on its way to doubling its base once again in 2019.

With each gym hosting between 280 to 500 members, Burn Boot Camp is growing the number of locations to accommodate the needs of the incredible communities of women it builds. From its humble beginnings in a North Carolina parking lot to more than 200 locations across the nation in just four short years, Burn Boot Camp is now on track to open 300 gyms by the end of this year.

In honor of its phenomenal client base, Burn Boot Camp recently kicked off a new program designed to recognize a major membership benchmark: the number of camps completed throughout the year. The “Keep Moving Club” celebrates and commends members at their 50-camp, 100-camp and 250-camp milestones.

As a business built on celebrating the power of women, this program is, as they say, “on-brand.”

“It’s important for us to give our members something that empowers them to show up even when they don’t feel like it,” said Amanda Hall, VP of Operations at Burn Boot Camp. “Encouraging accountability partners to hit these milestones together, and then providing well-earned recognition for it, keeps the camaraderie high in our gyms—and among the community!”

This positive environment ultimately ends up spreading by word of mouth. “We pride ourselves in having an attractive referral rewards system for our members that gives them 50 percent off a month of their membership when they refer a friend who becomes a member—one of the best referral discounts in the industry,” said Hall.

Burn Boot Camp is also uniquely strategic in its approach to raising brand awareness through its advertising efforts, particularly in the digital marketing space. Over the past year, Burn Boot Camp increased its LinkedIn presence; launched its new blog, “Be.”; kicked off a weekly newsletter called The Blueprint; and co-founder and COO Morgan Kline launched a new podcast, Coffee and Kettlebells.

“We understand that everyone consumes content differently, and we want to ensure that we meet our current and prospective clients where they are,” explained Hall.

This smart advertising strategy is effective because it is fueled by Burn Boot Camp’s revolutionary product and low investment for franchisees. Burn Boot Camp startup costs range from $148,830 to $353,150 with a $40,000 franchise fee for one license and $100,000 for a three-unit deal. As a growing company, prime territories throughout the U.S. and Canada are still available, with these untapped markets offering an opportunity for business owners to make a positive impact in their local communities.

In the second quarter of 2019, the executive team of Burn Boot Camp will continue traveling on their national “Feel the Heat” tour. Leadership will be on hand to engage with potential and existing franchise partners as well as the communities of women empowered by Burn Boot Camp’s mission.

“There is nothing more powerful than seeing the passion pour out of the team members and clients at each location we visit,” said Jolene Purchia, VP of Franchise Development. “What excites us every single day at HQ is empowering and inspiring our clients’ lives all over the country, while simultaneously impacting our franchise partners, their employees and our HQ staff.”

Burn Boot Camp is shaking up the niche fitness segment by offering unparalleled value to both members and franchisees. For more information about owning a Burn Boot Camp, visit https://franchise.burnbootcamp.com/.

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