Burn Boot Camp Grows to 200, Disrupting Niche Fitness Segment with a Lower Investment Opportunity
Burn Boot Camp Grows to 200, Disrupting Niche Fitness Segment with a Lower Investment Opportunity

The fitness franchise offers owners flexibility, prime territories, holistic support and a culture of empowerment that transforms entire communities.

Burn Boot Camp, the fitness franchise that builds communities of women while empowering them to achieve their health and fitness goals, has quietly grown to 200 locations in just four short years.

As the company gears up to exceed 300 locations by the end of this year, the groundbreaking concept is disrupting the entire niche fitness space in surprising ways—including a flexible business model and an impressively low investment for franchisees.

Burn Boot Camp licenses range from $142,330 to $349,150 with a $40,000 franchise fee for one license and $100,000 for a three-unit deal. As a growing company, prime territories throughout the U.S. and Canada are still available, with these untapped markets offering a significant and lucrative opportunity for business owners to transform their local communities.

Franchisees of Burn Boot Camp begin receiving holistic support from the moment they inquire about the brand. The corporate team provides operational, marketing and technology support from start to finish. Owners receive assistance with real estate site selection, generate multiple revenue streams, and build relationships with a highly active corporate team that are engaged and accessible every step of the way.

“We exist to serve members, not ourselves,” said Devan Kline, co-founder and CEO. “We decided long ago that we are in the relationship-building business. We built a concept around what clients wanted, and what they wanted happened to be minimalistic, which results in a low investment for owners.”

Jolene Purchia, Vice President of Franchise Development, added that unlike many other boutique fitness studios, Burn Boot Camp franchisees can avoid purchasing expensive gym equipment and the constant maintenance that comes with it. “Our model remains fluid based on industry trends,” she said. “This, coupled with the exceptional value every client receives with their membership, makes for an extraordinary model—sans the hefty price tag.”

Burn Boot Camp leadership credits its passionate team of dedicated franchise partners for their fast growth. Franchisees don’t just believe in the brand’s inspiring mission of community building and self-esteem—they work to advance it every single day.

“This rapid expansion is extremely rare in franchising,” said Kline, adding that the commitment to clients’ well-being is reflected across all levels of the brand’s culture, from members to local staff to corporate leadership. “When an organization has a purpose, it comes alive. It’s almost like our brand is a living and breathing thing. Everyone who is involved wants to make it better. We’ve grown fast because we stick together, and we are a family.”

The depth of Burn Boot Camp’s community  is supremely evident in the fact that many current Burn Boot Camp franchisees started as members. From stepping foot in a gym for the first time to signing on to help reach thousands of new women, this pattern of members turning into owners pops up over and over within the brand.

“Our members become raving fans of our community and our mission, and ultimately, many decide to pursue their passion at a larger scale within their community by becoming a franchise partner,” said Purchia. “It's this wonderful cycle that enables us to grow at an exponential rate with the right franchise partners who understand and live and breathe our mission.”

Burn Boot Camp’s revolutionary approach to marketing has disrupted the fitness segment’s traditional approach to brand awareness. By embracing the real stories and emotional aspects of fitness,  Burn Boot Camp invites people of all walks of life to put themselves in the women’s sneakers to believe that they, too, can take control of their health and wellness.

“Our message is unlike anything the industry has heard at this scale,” said Kline. “We put real people who have overcome real challenges in our marketing and tell the world that it’s okay to be who you are now. We believe strongly in creating a culture where women love who they are today and are inspired by who they’ll be tomorrow.”

Burn Boot Camp includes  several unique services for its members that set it apart from its competitors. Complimentary childwatch allows busy mothers to get out of the house and get in a workout without booking a sitter. Focus meetings and nutrition guidance offer one-on-one opportunities for members to take concrete steps toward their wellness goals. Ever-changing, dynamic 45-minute workouts keep exercise fresh and fun, so members never get bored and continue to see results.

Burn Boot Camp is shaking up the niche fitness segment by offering unparalleled value to both members and franchisees. For more information about owning a Burn Boot Camp, visit https://franchise.burnbootcamp.com/.

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