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Caring Transitions Announces New Partnership with Senior-Focused Media Company Growing Bolder

Through its television and radio programs, digital magazine, podcast and social media channels, Growing Bolder will help Caring Transitions tell its story to millions of people worldwide.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 05/10/23

Caring Transitions, the 290-unit franchise providing senior relocation, downsizing and estate sale services, understands that changing the way seniors and families transition is a big deal. That is why the Caring Transitions team is committed to getting the word out about the brand and ensuring franchise owners can reach as many people as possible in their local market. As part of this strategy, Caring Transitions recently announced a new media partnership with Growing Bolder, a multi-platform media company that inspires and empowers individuals to live their lives to the fullest.

“One of the first steps in our storytelling marketing strategy is this new partnership with Growing Bolder,” said Heather Voit, who recently joined the Caring Transitions team as Vice President of Marketing. “This partnership is going to allow us to connect with their massive audience and share meaningful stories across their platforms.”

What Is Growing Bolder?

Growing Bolder comprises a talented group of acclaimed journalists, broadcasters, and creative professionals dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary lives of ordinary individuals — those who are defying expectations and reimagining life beyond 50. By offering not only the motivation to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle, Growing Bolder also supplies practical advice, valuable resources, and community support to turn these aspirations into reality.

“When people ask about Growing Bolder, the easy answer is to say we are a media company, but we are really a lifestyle brand that is supported by a media company,” said Founder and CEO Marc Middleton, who is a well-known television journalist, author, publisher and filmmaker focused on the changing culture of aging. “We don’t deny that life has struggles as you get older, but every age has struggles. Our culture likes to focus on the negative aspect of aging, but we look at it through a prism of passion, purpose and possibility. Aging is not a problem, it is a process that lets us get rid of what matters least and focus on what matters most. That is what downsizing is all about, and that is why we believe we have found a synergistic partner with Caring Transitions.”

By targeting men and women between 50 and 65 years old, Growing Bolder, like Caring Transitions, is catering to the fastest-growing demographic in the country, which currently has a $3.8 trillion economic impact and is responsible for 78% of all disposable income and 58% of all purchasing decisions.

“The rapidly-growing senior population is transforming every part of the culture,” said Middleton. “There is an entirely new life stage now, with many people living longer in post-retirement than they did in their entire career. That means there are more opportunities to tell these stories.”

And Growing Bolder has quite a few channels for telling these stories, including a TV show, which airs nationally on public broadcasting stations; a magazine; a radio station and podcast; social media channels and more. “We want to reach older adults wherever they are,” said Middleton.

Inside the Strategic Partnership

So, how will Caring Transitions franchisees benefit from this new partnership? For one, Growing Bolder is set to launch a new editorial content franchise that will be present throughout its entire platform, centered completely on Caring Transitions. This will include sharing the stories of happy clients, interviews with the leadership team, features on successful franchisees, tips on when to make a successful transition and more. 

“When you can present your message in an editorial way that is relatable, authentic and credible, that is where the magic happens,” said Middleton. “Everything that we produce will be available for Caring Transition franchisees’ free and unrestricted use. We are helping them become a media company by giving them powerful marketing content to share.” 

For example, Caring Transitions will be featured on 10 editorial video interceptions inside Growing Bolder’s weekly television show, What's Next!, which sees 100,000 average monthly viewers. 

Caring Transitions ads will also be run on the Growing Bolder Radio and Podcast on NPR One, which sees 8,000 downloads per week, as well as on its Fountain of Youth podcast. The brand will be featured on a co-branded cover of Growing Boulders' quarterly magazine, which sees 119,000+ copies distributed digitally with unique open rates of 41%, as well as within the weekly newsletter, which has 157,000 subscribers. 

Caring Transitions will also be featured on two co-branded social media posts per month across Growing Bolder’s social media platforms — the company currently has 1.1. million followers on Facebook.

“All of these resources will be free and available for Caring Transitions franchise owners to use as a way to engage with clients,” said Middleton. “We want to grow a deep and meaningful relationship with Caring Transitions because we know our philosophies are totally aligned.”

Overall, with this new partnership, Caring Transitions and Growing Bolder will combine their expertise and passion for helping seniors to create a powerful platform for positive change. Together, they will deliver enriching content that educates, entertains and supports individuals as they navigate life's transitions, empowering them to live their best lives with purpose and joy.

“This is the first step in our fully-integrated marketing strategy and we are very excited to have Growing Bolder as a partner and a producer of assets that our franchisees can use on a local level, while leveraging their reach and engagement on a national level, as well,” said Voit. “They are master storytellers and content creators, and we are thrilled to be working alongside them.”

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