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How This Multi-Unit Caring Transitions Franchisee Has Doubled Her Senior Care Business for Three Years in a Row

With two territories open in Roswell, Georgia, Lisa Malvea is satisfying a growing demand for relocation services amongst the senior population in her community.

Lisa Malvea is the Georgia-based owner and operator of Caring Transitions, a franchise that provides older adults and their families with the most trusted, respected and comprehensive downsizing, right-sizing, estate sales and online auctions, and move management solutions in the industry. Since signing on with the brand at the end of 2019, Malvea has continued to scale her business and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Before franchising, Malvea spent over 35 years in corporate America, working in leadership roles for major companies like Procter and Gamble and Clorox, before moving over to consulting for other billion-dollar organizations. In these roles, Malvea learned how to manage large teams, plan promotions for consumer products and optimize a global supply chain. 

“I have a history of reinventing businesses and revamping organizations in those big corporations,” said Malvea. “When I decided to leave the corporate world, I knew I had the skills needed to start my own business. My father was also one of the first ever Burger King franchisees, so I’ve had franchising in my background and I saw all the benefits. I believe in working for a big company, but also understand the importance of local touches and ownership. In that way, a brand like Caring Transitions was really a great fit. I knew I could have started this business by myself as a mom and pop, but I believe in learning from those who have done it before.”

Additionally, Malvea said she had first-hand experience when it comes to caring for an older loved one, and could see the incredible value that Caring Transitions offered to families. 

“My mother had Althimizers and my father had Dementia, so I was spending a lot of time in a memory care unit,” said Malvea. “I knew it would be great to be able to help people in their transitions. I also knew the market gap and the demand for these services. I would be able to execute the business well while also making a difference in my community.”

Caring Transitions helps seniors relocate by spending time at their homes, helping them pack and organize their belongings, then moving those belongings to the new home and setting them up in a way that feels comfortable and familiar. Then, the team returns to the original location to arrange and host an in-person or online estate sale through its proprietary platform, CTBIDS. These equate to multiple profit centers and customizable client solutions that allow franchisees to scale their business and increase profitability.

“The beauty of Caring Transitions is that you can make it as big or small as you want, and you recieve great corporate support along the way,” said Malvea. “You can also execute locally and really work alongside people in the community.”

Malvea officially signed on with the brand at the end of 2019 and launched two territories in Roswell at the start of 2020, right before the onset of COVID-19. Despite those challenges, Malvea says she has continued to scale her business and has doubled sales over the past three years, accomplishing somewhere near 550 projects over the past 30 months. Caring Transitions has worked hard to perfect a low-cost, referral-based marketing system that helps franchisees like Malvea produce an endless stream of referrals and clients. 

“We are constantly growing the business and evolving,” said Malvea. “That is my growth path. While the pandemic was a challenge, we are an essential service and people always need help with transitioning to a safer place, getting their house ready for sale and liquidation.” 

And as a Caring Transitions franchise, Malvea is there to help transitioning seniors every step of the way. “It feels great to provide this service — you are helping people through really tough times and you are typically helping multiple family members,” she said. “They are going through emotional changes and decisions, while also going through financial changes and decisions.”

Looking ahead, Malvea says she plans on continuing to grow the business with hopes of adding a third territory. “People always ask me if I am happy with my decision to franchise,” she said. “I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Now, VP of Franchising Development James Stapleton says the Caring Transitions brand is looking for qualified and compassionate entrepreneurs like Malvea to help expand the footprint.

“It is not hard to find great franchisee owners for this business,” Stapleton explains. “Savvy entrepreneurs are looking for a way into the senior care market, and we offer a lucrative pathway that requires no medical experience and little overhead. This is a senior service that isn’t necessarily top-of-mind until it is needed, which is why there are so few competitors. But we are satisfying a problem that comes at a very stressful time for families. We can come in and reduce that stress. That is why a Caring Transitions franchise is a perfect opportunity to impact people’s lives, while also building a successful business.”

Start-up costs range from $58,912-$82,712, and franchisees have the opportunity to earn back their $44,900 franchise fee through its Winner’s Circle program by hitting a variety of key benchmarks. For more information, visit: