All in the Family: Myles Family Signed to Open Three Cheba Hut Franchises in Riverside, CA
All in the Family: Myles Family Signed to Open Three Cheba Hut Franchises in Riverside, CA

The first of three Cheba Hut locations owned by the Myles family is set to open in 2019, with the other two to follow.

The Myles family, a close-knit group of a husband, wife and their two daughters have signed on to open three Cheba Hut locations over the next several years with their first to open in Riverside, California. The Myles family have also been a part of the medical industry and have seen first-hand what cannabis does and how much healthier it is than it was thought to be.

“Given the timing I thought it was perfect to open a marijuana-themed sandwich shop,” said Franchisee Tyrone Myles, “The bias in the past against marijuana was because it wasn’t legal and therefore, stoners were seen as underachievers. Since it’s legal now, I’m realizing the prevalence of it and the progression of pot being associated with stoners to doctors. We’re stoner professionals, not professional stoners.”

The new Cheba Hut in Riverside will be the first in the area and Myles thinks there is room for at least ten more locations. Cheba Hut allows franchisees to personalize their stores and adapt to the city’s cultural environment instead of requiring the same design and layout at all their locations.

“Tyrone is a hard worker and he loves the food, he even brought his entire family out for Discovery Day,” said Seth Larsen, Chief Relationship Officer of Cheba Hut, “We prefer our franchise partners to understand business. If someone has a strong business acumen, that’s a positive sign and will set them up for success once they open their franchise..”

All members of the Myles family will be involved in running the Cheba Hut location. Danielle Myles, the youngest daughter, will serve as the General Manager, and Caris Myles, the oldest daughter, has served as Tyrone’s right-hand person in the past and he hopes that she is able to transition full-time to Cheba Hut in the near future.

“My dad and I have been working together for two years now and it’s been such a great experience,” said Caris. “This new adventure is really exciting because it involves the whole family and there’s nothing like Cheba Hut out there. I love sandwiches and the fact that the sauces are all handmade, and the whole vibe of the shop will thrive really well in California.”

Caris and Tyrone have formerly worked together in the medical field, and through their work together Caris has been able to show her father her creative and problem-solving abilities. However, Tyrone and his daughters are no strangers to hard work and perseverance even in times of great struggle. Serving as mentors for their daughters, Tyrone and Lisa have strived to teach them how to navigate corporate America and to be successful even though they are adults. They hope that these lessons will translate to the running of their new Cheba Hut.

“I think if I can minimize my kids being exposed to corporate America then we’re ahead of the game,” said Tyrone, “My wife is a three-time cancer survivor so it’s changed our entire perspective on life. Opportunities such as this for Cheba Hut, I want to be entrepreneurs so we make sure we have fun while we’re still here.”

California is a top growth market for the Cheba Hut franchise with two current locations and 22 units open throughout the nation. The brand is looking to open as many as 35 locations in California. The initial investment and start-up costs to open a Cheba Hut franchise is $336,000-$678,000. Click here for more information on opening a Cheba Hut franchise https://franchise.chebahut.com/.

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