CNBC.com: Checkers & Rally's Wages Wiener War Against Burger King
CNBC.com: Checkers & Rally's Wages Wiener War Against Burger King

Burger King and Checkers battle it out in a hot dog Twitter war.

Burger King decided to get into the hot dog game, but wieners aren't just a game to Tampa-based franchise Checkers & Rally's. The rapidly expanding brand declared a wiener war against Burger King with a full page ad in USA Today, pointing to the fact that they've been selling wieners for three decades.

"They took a shot of coming into our backyard and we're not going to have any of it," Rick Silva, CEO of Checkers and Rally's, told CNBC.com for a story examining the clash.

7-Eleven and Wienerschnitzel have both taken shots at "The King" since the launch of their new line of grilled hot dogs. As added ammunition, for a limited time, Checkers & Rally's reduced the price of their hot dogs to less than half of the price point that Burger King is selling their wieners.

"Burger King is late to the party and they are over-priced," Terri Snyder, chief marketing officer of Checkers & Rally's, told CNBC.com. Checkers has more than 800 locations across the country.

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