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Rockford Register Star: Checkers & Rally's Set To Return to Rockford, Illinois This Year

Checkers is set to open up to 11 restaurants in Rockford, Illinois.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 10:22PM 05/04/16

Checkers is hoping to make a return to the Rockford area starting in 2016, and the Rockford Register Star spoke with director of franchise development Bruce Kim about the brand and their Illinois development plans.

According to the article, Checkers is planning to bring up to 11 locations to the Rockford area, with 2 hopefully opening up in 2016.

The article also includes a description of the Checkers menu and a link to the Checkers franchise website for interested franchisees.

Said Kim, "We are a value-oriented brand. We do have a lot of value-conscious folks who live in Rockford. I mean, for five bucks you get the most delicious food from us than anybody else."

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