Franchisee Spotlight: Kevin Kaschube of Christian Brothers Automotive
Franchisee Spotlight: Kevin Kaschube of Christian Brothers Automotive

With an impressive education in automotive engineering, Kevin Kaschube is going into business for himself and his family and is prepping to open his Christian Brothers Automotive shop in Avon, Ohio, in mid-May.

Kevin Kaschube’s passion for the automotive industry has led him to pursue a career in franchising with Christian Brothers Automotive.

While working with both BMW and The Ohio State University’s Automotive Research Team, Kaschube worked diligently to obtain his bachelor’s degree in engineering. In addition to his studies, he worked with independent dealerships to gain experience.

Once Kaschube and his wife returned to Cleveland, he began a career with Arcelormittal Steel as an electrical engineer while earning his master's degree. As a part of his thesis, he developed a business plan for an automotive repair shop and was told by the dean of business to really consider pursuing the idea.

Due to his extensive research, Kaschube was introduced to the corporate team of Christian Brothers Automotive. Appreciating what the company stood for, Kaschube signed on as a franchisee and will be opening his first location mid-May.

What were you doing before partnering with Christian Brothers Automotive?

I grew up in Cleveland and went to Ohio Technical College where I received my associate degree in automotive and diesel technology. From there, I got selected by BMW to be a part of its Master Technician Training Program. Upon graduating from the program, I worked at a dealership in Rochester, New York, for three years and went to night school to complete the math courses I needed to become an engineer. I told myself that if I went this far and passed all of the math courses, I could easily go back to school for my engineering degree.

My wife and I moved back to Columbus, and I graduated from The Ohio State University with my bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. While I was going to school, I was able to work with the automotive research team at Ohio State. I was offered an internship with BMW, which was right outside of Manhattan, in their product development department. At the completion of my internship, I was offered a job, but I wanted to come back to Cleveland to be closer to my family. Once I got back to Cleveland, I was offered a job with Arcelormittal Steel as an electrical engineer. Over the next six years, I transitioned through a few titles with the company and was fortunate enough to have them send me to Baldwin Wallace University to earn my master's degree.

How did you learn about Christian Brothers Automotive, and what made you ultimately decide to commit?

When I was working towards my master's, I decided to create my own business plan and present it for my thesis. The dean of business thought it was an excellent business plan and told me I should really consider putting the plan in action. While doing the market research, I came across Christian Brothers Automotive and started talking with the corporate team about my different options. I really liked the company’s approach and what they stood for.

What were your perceptions of franchising before starting the process?

I never thought I would have a franchise. When I thought of franchising my mind went directly to fast-food chains. Christian Brothers Automotive really changed my mind and helped me extend my knowledge of the franchising industry.

If you were to speak with someone who’s considering signing on with Christian Brothers Automotive, what advice would you give them?

Do your research and talk with as many owners as you can. Also, be sure to spend time on choosing your location. It is something that is vital to your success.

Why is the Avon community the perfect market for your Christian Brothers Automotive business?

Avon is such a family-oriented community. It’s a growing community but still has the small town feel to it. Everyone is very connected and truly wants to provide as much support as they can to help local businesses.

What kind of marketing initiatives have you done so far to promote your new business?

We have partnered with Lake Erie Crushers, the local baseball team, as well as Northeast Ohio Parents. We are actively involved with Westlake Methodist Church. Since our family lives in the community, we have the opportunity to tell people we meet on a daily basis about our business. We are putting a strong focus on our social media presence on Facebook.

What’s next for you and your business? Do you have any development/expansion plans?

We are open to God’s plan for us in the future. Right now, we have this location and believe anything is possible. We are excited to open a location in Avon and focused on faithfully serving our community and guests.

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