Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place Kicks Off Ongoing Midwestern Expansion Initiative in Kansas City, Missouri
Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place Kicks Off Ongoing Midwestern Expansion Initiative in Kansas City, Missouri

With the help of passionate and driven franchisees, Kansas City will serve as the first bridge between the brand’s East and West Coast locations.

It’s a good time to be in the home improvement business. Demand across the industry is at an all-time high—consumers are once again investing more in their home’s interiors. That’s why Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place is gearing up for rapid expansion. Now that the brands have established an incredibly strong presence on both the East and West Coasts, they’re planning to build on their growing momentum to break into the Midwest, beginning with Kansas City.

According to Bob Lewis, president and CEO of Closet & Storage Concepts, now is the perfect time to expand across the middle of the country. And it’s not just because industry demand is climbing—it’s also because the region is more familiar with the idea of closet and home organization systems today than it was in the past.

“We see a lot of expansion potential in the center part of the country, especially in a market like Kansas City. The region has been better developed for our products and services over the past few years, and now is the perfect time for us to break into this new part of the country for us with the help of passionate and driven franchisees,” said Lewis. “Kansas City is a natural next step for the Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place brands as we continue to expand. More and more consumers are relocating to the city—as well as other markets in the Midwest—to gain access to a lower cost of living and higher quality of life. That gives us the unique opportunity to tap into a new consumer base that’s already familiar with our products and services.”

To capitalize on the potential behind that new consumer base, Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place is giving prospective franchisees in Kansas City access to its proven business model. In addition to both initial and ongoing training, local owners who join the brand’s team will be able to run their own showroom and manufacturing facility that have the potential to be used as hubs for more locations down the line as the brand expands across the Midwest.

“We’re confident that our showroom model will thrive in Kansas City. Through operating that model in a market where there aren’t as many competitors, our franchisees will have a greater opportunity to expose consumers to our products and services. That’s really going to be the most effective way to communicate what our products can do,” said Lewis. “By operating a showroom, our local owners have the ability to show first-hand the difference that Closet & Storage Concepts’ products can make in a home. Customers can touch and see our products for themselves, ultimately enabling them to envision how our customizable organization systems and Murphy beds will look in their own homes.”

Once a Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place showroom and manufacturing facility is up and running in Kansas City, the franchisee behind it will be put in a unique position. Not only will they be able to tap into the potential behind the increasingly popular home improvement industry and the brand’s proven model, they’ll also serve as a pivotal location as Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place continues to grow in nearby markets.

“Kansas City will really be a brand-new market for us. That means the franchisees who sign on to develop and own the city will fill the gap between our East and West Coast locations, which is an exciting opportunity that doesn’t often pop up in the franchising industry,” said Tom Harris, director of franchise development for Closet & Storage Concepts.

Connecting the Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place brands through a Midwestern location in Kansas City will bring the brand’s network of franchisees even closer together. Beyond the brand’s corporate team, local owners are known to rely on one another for support and guidance, enabling franchisees to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. That means that the first franchisees to break into the Midwestern market alongside Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place will be able to realize their full potential is new business owners with the expertise and resources that come with being a part of an established and nationally recognized brand. And with an affordable initial investment that ranges from $73,000 to $492,600, joining that community is accessible to all aspiring business owners.

“Being a part of a growing franchise gives me the opportunity to work with other local owners who are in the same position as me. We’re all working toward the same goal—we want to see Closet & Storage Concepts succeed in communities all over the country,” said Denver, Colorado-based Closet & Storage franchisee Isaiah Rozek. “Those doors wouldn’t be open if I was going it alone.”