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Club Industry: The Key to Creating a Good Work Life Balance

REGYMEN Fitness Co-Founder Edward Navan has been able to keep his business thriving while making time for himself.

Work-life balance — it’s a concept that’s heard about all the time, but it’s also something that can oftentimes be difficult to achieve.

So, what is the key to balancing day-to-day work schedules with time spent with friends and family? In an article on Club Industry, Edward Navan, co-founder of REGYMEN Fitness, notes that it all depends on who you are and what stage of life you’re in. 

“I’m still trying to figure this one out for myself,” Navan told Club Industry. “To have the best impact on your employees as a leader and as a person you cannot walk around mentally fatigued everyday. So, my advice would be to listen to your mind and body and understand that it’s actually better to decompress and relax everyday.”

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