Coming Soon to Chipotle: Drive-Thru “Chipotlanes”
Coming Soon to Chipotle: Drive-Thru “Chipotlanes”

The brand plans to open dozens more locations with nontraditional drive-thrus exclusively for digital order pick-up.

Yet again, Chipotle is ahead of the curve. The brand’s latest innovation comes in the form of drive-thrus exclusively designed for digital order pick-up that are being added to dozens more Chipotle locations nationwide, according to a recent Business Insider article.

The “Chipotlanes,” as the brand aptly describes them, allow customers to pick up mobile orders after placing their order online or via the Chipotle app without getting out of their cars. Chipotle already has Chipotlanes at 10 locations across the U.S.

According to the article, Chipotle's digital sales grew 65.6 percent in the most recent quarter, accounting for 12.9 percent of its sales. On a call with investors on Wednesday, Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol said the Chipotlanes could allow the brand to experiment with different types of store footprints, potentially including a more takeout-focused model.

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