Cousins Subs Launches Delivery-Only Restaurant and Introduces Unique Third-Party Delivery System To Help Franchisees
Cousins Subs Launches Delivery-Only Restaurant and Introduces Unique Third-Party Delivery System To Help Franchisees

The fast-casual sub shop offers its full menu of deli fresh and made to order grilled subs and sides for delivery.

Consumers are demanding faster and more efficient services all across the board. This expectation has driven the QSR and fast-casual segments into the delivery game. To better serve its guests, Cousins Subs opened its first delivery-only restaurant in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and introduced third-party delivery to 85 percent of its system.  

The opening of Cousins Subs’ delivery-only restaurant is part of the brand’s long-standing commitment to exceeding guests’ expectations. Through the restaurant, the sub shop’s urban market guest base can order lunch or dinner from Cousins Subs’ full menu for delivery right to their door.

The delivery-only concept also allows Cousins Subs to increase its focus on large catering orders to fulfill business and residential requests. To do so, the company expanded its operating hours and employed labor and delivery drivers to increase speed of service and efficiently distribute large catering orders throughout Milwaukee’s downtown area.

The opening of the delivery-only restaurant concept is in conjunction with the recent introduction of third-party delivery through cousinssubs.com and the Cousins Subs mobile app at 71 locations throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

To roll out third-party delivery across most of its system, Cousins Subs partnered with preferred venders who can integrate seamlessly into the brand’s existing web-driven ordering system.

“The addition of third-party delivery to our system came with an extended period of discovery and a great deal of discussion,” said Justin McCoy, Vice President of Marketing for Cousins Subs. “Our decision to only work with providers that were integrated into our online ordering provider was based on our desire to ease the burden on operations by eliminating the need for several tablets within our stores and to keep the order flow the same as a standard online order.”

Through Cousins Subs’ website-centered ordering system, sub enthusiasts can order from the brand’s full menu for delivery when and where they want it. Customers can also apply promotions to their order to achieve cost savings.

Through Cousins Subs’ delivery system, the brand gets access to valuable customer data. While third-party delivery systems usually do not provide in-depth analytics, Cousins Subs worked with its preferred delivery partners to implement integration-prompting software into its online ordering system to track engagement, purchases, loyalty and more.

With nearly 85 percent of Cousins Subs locations offering delivery, the brand is better positioned to meet the needs of its guests by providing quality fresh and made to order menu items where and when they want to receive them

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