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Why This Husband-and-Wife Team of Entrepreneurial Car Lovers Decided to Open the First Detail Garage in Prosper, Texas

Erin and Jon Beatty have a shared passion for cars that developed years before they met and got married. The duo has now decided to put that passion into “drive” as they opened Prosper’s first Detail Garage, with plans to expand in the future.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 05/31/22

Detail Garage, the nationwide, 80-plus-unit car retailer, has become the go-to shop for car enthusiasts across the globe. But that diehard fanbase doesn’t just include the brand’s customers — its franchise owners are just as passionate about the automotive industry. Erin and Jon Beatty, for example, have always bonded over their shared love of cars. When the husband-and-wife team decided to take that passion to the next level and invest in a business together in their community of Prosper, Texas, Detail Garage quickly emerged as the perfect fit. 

Throughout her career in customer service and banking, Erin always held on to the dream of opening her own business but wasn’t sure if it was worth the risk of leaving her corporate job.

“I’ve held various positions in my career from being a server to ballroom dance instructor to working in the banking industry,” Erin said. “I started in accounts payable in the banking industry in 2014 and worked there until October 2021, when I left to pursue my dream of owning my own business. My father, Joe Dreyer, is an engineer, and from a young age, I found a love of cars with him.”

Erin’s husband, Jon, also shared a love for cars, motorcycles and motorsports, with a 25-year career spent in the automotive industry. The two often attended car shows together, a hobby they now enjoy with their three-year-old son

In 2017, Erin and Jon opened their first car performance shop, Race Ready Motorsport, with Jon taking over the shop’s day-to-day operations and Erin continuing her career in the banking industry. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Erin decided that life was too short, and it was time to follow her entrepreneurial dream full-time. 

“After Erin began to express an interest in leaving the corporate banking world to start a business, we saw an opportunity to use our passion for cars and motor vehicles to expand our portfolio and bring a great franchise concept to our local community with Detail Garage,” Jon said.

Realizing the need for an education-focused car retailer in their local community, the Beattys fell in love with the Detail Garage opportunity, including both the brand’s proprietary Chemical Guys products and its community-based business model. 

“From the moment we began discussions with Detail Garage, we could see that the brand was as invested in finding the right franchisees to help expand its presence as we were in finding the right brand to invest in,” said Jon. “Detail Garage gives franchisees a family feel, which is not something that many franchises can say, and that spoke to Erin and me. From a car culture standpoint, there are no businesses in the local community that are focused on both the retail side of the business and providing educational demonstrations to the consumer so they feel confident in our ability to help them make the best decisions for their automotive needs.”

Detail Garage stands out in the segment as a low-cost business model with a robust consumer offeringexceptional support and a massive social media presence. Detail Garage has become a full automotive-lifestyle brand by combining globally recognized retail products with industry-leading innovations, providing customers with the best the industry has to offer in terms of products, tools, accessories and consumer education.

“We all love the automotive industry and that there is a family feel to the brand, as we’re a family that will be running the business,” said Erin. “We all really love that Detail Garage is providing a much-needed service to the local community and is not only focused on the sales but creating a welcoming culture for local residents to visit in-store. The brand is focused on helping consumers gain knowledge in order to safely take care of their cars at an affordable price. This is something new to me, but the opportunity to work with new people every day is so exciting.”

To help franchisees like Erin and Jon connect with their community, each Detail Garage store hosts multiple educational and marketing events every month. For example, Detail Garage offers an entrepreneurial-minded vocational school for professional auto detailing and reconditioning. The two courses, DIY Basics and Polishing, are educational programs where customers can take advantage of Detail Garage’s unmatched team of worldwide professional detailers and educators. The courses provide attendees with innovative, comprehensive, hands-on and smart training programs for professional auto detailing.

“What sets us apart from other business owners is how excited and passionate we are about the product and services we’re providing,” said Jon. “With the events and classes we plan to offer, we have a chance to give back to the local community through education, which is something that we wouldn’t be able to provide without the tools from Detail Garage’s corporate team. We can’t wait to start planning fundraisers and charitable events to fully integrate into the community.”

Looking ahead, Erin says the couple’s overall goal with the business is to become the number-one place for Dallas area residents to go for their car care needs, education and products. “We want to become a household name in our community and expand with an additional two or three locations,” she said. “The Dallas market is booming, and we’re really looking forward to being able to make an impact in our local community.”

Chad Zani, Director of Business Development for Detail Garage, says the Beattys are a prime example of how car enthusiasts can follow their passion and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams by leveraging the brand’s proven business model.

“The Beattys have been able to leverage the Detail Garage platforms and systems to find scalable growth in their market,” said Zani. “There is a plan that Detail Garage lays out for you, and if you follow it, you are very likely to succeed."

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