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QSR Magazine: Make Way for Food-Delivery Robots in San Francisco
Yelp Eat24 is testing out Marble’s robot delivery.

These days, crosswalks are full of busy pedestrians, curious pets and now robots carrying your favorite delivery order. According to a recent QSR Magazine, Yelp Eat24 and Marble have robots roaming the streets of San Francisco delivering food. Customers can order through the company’s app and opt-in for the robot delivery. Once the food is prepared and secured in the adaptable cargo bay, robots set out to find their destination by navigating traffic.

“We are always looking for innovative new ways to give diners what they want: efficient and affordable food delivery,” says Shalin Sheth, head of delivery operations at Yelp Eat24. “Marble’s robots help Yelp Eat24 restaurants better serve their communities and we’re excited to enhance the delivery experience for customers and be able to serve a larger market.”

Each robot uses a suite of sensors in order to perceive the surrounding world until they are able to map out the city and optimize delivery routes.

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