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GeekWire: Subway Launches Facebook Messenger Bot to Allow Pre-ordering at its 26,500 U.S. Restaurants
Subway steps up its game with the ability to order sandwiches and salads through a Facebook Messenger bot.

At this point is there anything Facebook can’t do?

Subway announced Tuesday that it was launching a bot for Facebook Messenger to allow users to order and pay for a sandwich or salad. 

“Our bot for Messenger was just deployed in more than 26,500 U.S. Subway restaurants — the largest deployment of a Messenger bot in the restaurant industry,” said Carman Wenkoff, Subway’s chief information and digital officer, in a news release. “We’re proud to offer our guests an innovative new way to order and pay outside the restaurants. This is a new initiative in the ongoing quest to enhance the guest experience.”

The app allows users to find the closest Subway for pick-up and the food can be paid for through the app.

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