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Fast Casual: Investing in technology? Restaurants share hits and misses.
As technological developments arise, brands seek ways to integrate the new mediums into their businesses.

As technology improves, companies look to find new ways to utilize these mediums to grow their businesses. However, according to Fast Casual, not every breakthrough is a perfect fit for every company.

For example, while self order kiosks offer an efficient process, they lack the human element. The face-to-face interaction is lost and companies may feel this takes away from overall customer experience. 

The article mentions the positive impacts of new technology in the workplace as well. iPads, for example, offer a new medium for training programs. Liz Bazner, digital manager of A&W, said that hosting videos on the iPads led to an increase in employee conversation surrounding the training process.

Adam Fricker, VP of Steak n' Shake offers a good rule of thumb for deciding whether or not a new technology will fit your business. In the article, he advises one must be able to "explain the technology to the executives in 20 minutes."

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