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TechCrunch: Apple Now Has an Official Instagram Account Showcasing Photos Shot on iPhone
Apple joins Instagram specifically to show off photos shot from iPhones.

Apple is not known for being active on social media but the brand has launched a new Instagram account. According to a recent TechCrunch article, Apple has launched its account, @apple and unlike other brands that use the space to showcase products and services, Apple plans to use the account to share photos shot with an iPhone, but without showing it. The content published will promote how iPhone is a perfect tool for your Instagram shots.

The imagery uploaded to the account so far is from Instagram users and not created by Apple. Curators from the company find the top images to share and ask users for their permission to do so. The brand is taking advantage of the gallery format and includes the hashtag #ShotsoniPhone for each post to encourage people to use it in their own posts.

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