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Fast Casual: Whataburger launches unique Snapchat charity-focused contest
Whataburger thinks outside the box with this new contest.

Whataburger has introduced a contest that utilizes Snapchat in an interesting way. According to a recent article in Fast Casual, the brand will be giving away a Snapchat takeover to one lucky winner along with $1,000 for a charity of their choice and 1,000 Taquitos.

The contest will take place entirely on Snapchat, where fans are asked to send Snaps to the Whataburger account with what that fan would do with 1,000 Taquitos and which charity they would choose to support. Snapchat is not usually the first social media platform to come to mind when brands host giveaways, but Whataburger is interested in thinking outside the box.

"We wanted to provide our Snapchat followers a way to show off their creativity, make a positive impact and have a little fun with our fan-favorite Taquitos along the way," said Pam Cox, VP of corporate communications.  

Read the full story here.